Our blog www.localvinacular.com focuses on the basics in order to help the everyday wine consumer gain confidence in their wine choices. We feel strongly that the mystery that shrouds wine just doesn't have to be there. Wine can be confusing, a little scary, overwhelming--and why? Below is our inaugural post, from a few months back. I'm so glad for Snooth because I think it's doing similar work to what we're trying to accomplish in our blog.

This journey of discovery began several years ago on a trip to the Finger Lakes wine region. We had just started dating and were visiting Nathan’s mother, who lived in Ithaca, NY on the southern tip of Lake Cayuga. At that time, I enjoyed wine but was entirely clueless as to why. Nathan, on the other hand, preferred most everything else to wine, even going as far as to say, “I don’t like wine.”

Our first stop on our wine tour that day was to Montezuma Winery, known for its fruit wines. A little sweet for me, but an eye-opener for Nathan. By the end of our tour that day, his palette had grown and he would admit that yes, he could enjoy wine as long as he was drinking something on the sweeter side. 
Five years and quite a few tastings later, our palettes have grown even further and we’ve come to several basic truths that we live by and that we hope to share with you.
  1. Anybody can appreciate wine. To say “I don’t like wine” is like saying “I don’t like music.” The world of wine is varied and interesting enough that we promise there are wines out there that would knock your socks off.  If you don’t like wine, you probably haven’t found one that suits your palette—yet.
  2. You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate wine.
  3. Don’t listen to expert ratings on what determines a “quality” wine. Listen to your gut. If it tastes good to you, then it’s a “good” wine. If it doesn’t taste good, then it’s not.
  4. Even novices can select a wine with confidence. Whether at the wine store or in a fine restaurant, taking risks and having fun is key. There is always someone there to help you—but it does help if you know what to ask for.

This blog is wine focused but not limited. In fact, while we have worked at expanding our palette for wines, we’ve also come to appreciate quality foods as well. Nathan encouraged me to try new types of foods, things I never thought I’d eat. Like wine, food is a varying and complex industry.  Our truths (see above) stand when it comes to food, too.

This is an ongoing journey for us, where we’re always hoping to discover new and different wine and food pairings. We hope, through trial and error, to help you navigate the viniculture world and to consider pairings that would go well with the wines we recommend. We’ll share with you what we find delicious and what we would likely avoid in future. Ultimately, we hope to bring to you our love of good food and good wine.
Let your nose and your taste buds be your guide.