It's the afternoon of the second of the three days of the North American Wineblogger's Conference here in Charlottesville Virginia, and we're waiting for Eric Asimov to take the stage.

After a full day of wine touring, I was on Bus #2 whose secret itinerary turned out to be Flying fox, Cardinal Point, and Afton Ridge wineries, we're getting ready to settle in for a full afternoon and evening that sees a speed tasting round following Eric's speak, which in turn will lead into the awards ceremony/dinner, tobe followed by the Rioja Pub Crawl, and secretive parties of wine debauchery which will greet the morning light.

But now, Eric will take the stage. Highlights from his speech include:

What is a blogger? A writer, an editor, and a publisher.

It's time for all of us, mainstream and online, to think of ourselves simply as writers.

Eric ws able to walk right throgh a door to be his food related articles published since everyone else was focusng on wars, politics, and news, leaving the food scene open for him.

He has been writing exclusively about wine since 2004 and has witnessed a revolution in food and wine writing is it transitioned into a legitimate news field.

A very organic intro into wine that sprang from writing beer reviews for his highschool newspaper in the 1970s. Got into wine as a graduate students in Austin Tx, when he found that wine was a natural and essential part of the assembly of a meal. He had a lot of experience drinking cheap wine and looking for value in wine. He learned about wine in terms of drinking it, not by tasting it.

Curiosity should guide you in your wine writing. Just as important is a healthy sense of sceptisism.

You can't print what you hear but you don't know!

Who really sticks out in the blogging world, Gary V, Brooklyn Guy, Alice Fiering.

You have to understand the difference between real wines and commodity wines.