The Champagne harvest started a couple of days ago and since I live and work here in Champagne I am publishing a series of daily vidoeo bulletins to show you exactly what's going on

If you're a champagne lover you'll have up-to-date news, and views about what's happening here on-the-spot to expand your knowledge and understanding of champagne and particularly of the harvest which is the highlight of the year.

If you're a somellier or otherwise involved in selling champagne you'll be the first to have all the news, anecdotes and tit-bits to pass on to your customers to make their champagne experience even more special and to help you sell more champagne with greater authority and confidence.

even if you're already a champagne expert you'll discover what's happening faster than you can find out anywhere else and you'll be sure to pick up some insights that you haven't come across before.

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Iif you wish to get in touch with me and the My Man In Champagne team to ask us any questions at all about champagne, not just the harvest, then feel free to send an e-mail to

jiles@mymaninchampagne.com and you'll get a prompt answer from us right here in the heart of the vineyards

I wish you success in whatever you are doing

Jiles Halling