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  • Apr 28 at 9:12pm

    Previously available for $19.79

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Apr 28 at 9:12pm
    Very Pinot Noir, very New World, this wine evokes strawberry-cherry confit on the nose and a slightly leathery strawberry entry. There is a slight spice on the nostrils as the wine finishes. Less Burgundian now with the tossing of torch to a younger generation of wine-maker, but still a fine product... just different. 89.

  • Apr 23 at 10:52pm
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    Average Price: $49.48

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Apr 23 at 10:52pm
    For a birthday party (such as today), the Imperial Brut is perfect. This Champagne is full of citrus and buttered toast - less Brioche and vanilla and more acidic refreshment here. Excellent effervescence and mousse. A great Epernay house producing a bubbly for quotidian use. 90.

  • Apr 21 at 7:49pm

    Previously available for $25.98

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Apr 21 at 7:49pm
    This Ogier Chateauneuf-du-Pape is wonderful; perhaps the "rolled pebbles" are the answer. In any case, this well-priced wine is redolent of strawberries (yes, somewhat like a deep Burgundy), smooth and food friendly; ready to roll, deep and finishing with the headiness we have come to expect from this region. 89-90.

  • Apr 16 at 7:18pm

    Previously available for $22.51

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Apr 16 at 7:18pm
    Although the Limoux region of Languedoc is riding on the legend that all sparklers originate here - including, of course, Champagne - it is a worthy wine in its own right; the Calmel et Joseph has excellent mousse which is long-lasting, with a nose of almond and pear; green apple peels linger on the palate for a satisfying finish. 88.

  • Apr 13 at 9:05pm

    Previously available for $10.58

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Apr 13 at 8:21pm
    This wine - from a good and revered Okanagan producer - has all the usual lychee and pear on the nose (if subdued), and on the palate (off-dry), there is a slightly bitter, unripe lychee nut entry. The finish is also slightly bitter, but not obtrusive at this price point. Good value. 85.

  • Apr 10 at 11:56am

    Previously available for $17.88

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Apr 10 at 11:54am
    This seaside (Nantais) wine is from a respected domaine and has a little musk and more depth than the usual Muscadet. The flavour is quite neutral, although also dense for such a wine, with some nuttiness (due to the lies, no doubt).Not particularly fresh-tasting and a bit flat, but there is white fruit such as gooseberry, a little white pepper and a hint of salt. 87.

  • Apr 10 at 11:36am
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    Average Price: $14.00

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Apr 10 at 11:36am
    This modestly priced Macon from the commune of Lugny is highly representative of the style of southern Burgundy with a slightly spicy apple nose and a buttery, apple entry, with a moderate, nutshell finish. Above average and from a good vintage. Best of all, the price is right. 88.

  • Apr 7 at 9:03pm
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    Average Price: $34.99

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Apr 7 at 9:03pm
    The 2010 Fontenil is an elegant wine with a nose of blackberry confit or jam; the entry is soft, with pencil lead (graphite),soft tannin, and brambleberry dominant. There are woody notes on the finish not entirely sourced to oak conditioning, so we stop short at 89. Ready to roll.

  • Mar 31 at 10:26pm
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    Average Price: $59.99

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Mar 31 at 10:26pm
    The 2013 Malartic blanc opens furtively with a scent of musk, lemon grass and crushed gooseberry. From here, it just gets better:on the palate are notions of white pepper, more green fruit (gooseberry again) and a hint of almond bitters on the finish. Deep, dense and viscous without a heavy hand, this wine is superb. 93.

  • Mar 26 at 7:40pm

    Previously available for $50.48

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Mar 26 at 7:40pm
    This lonely bottle in my paired-down wine cellar (or facsimile thereof) opens with a scent of wet earth, violets and dried cranberry; colour is well retained and only slightly lighter than at bottling, with entry surprisingly tart (acidic rather than tannic) with strawberry notes and a fairly long finish. Light for a Pommard, so drink up. 88.

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