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  • Dec 14 at 8:05pm

    Previously available for $21.50

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Dec 14 at 8:02pm
    Another fine Church and State Wines offering... with a fine domestic flower scent (Wisteria, petunia, for example) with some spice such as nutmeg. The palate receives a princely flow of cake spice, peach, vanilla (light oak) and tropical fruit with good viscosity, creaminess and no bitterness - almost like petit Chateau Grillet. 14.3% alcohol adds a little sweetness on the finish. 89 points.

  • Dec 12 at 7:54pm
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    Average Price: $98.99

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Dec 12 at 7:54pm
    This classic Grand Cru opens up well with a beautiful, sparkling cherry red colour and an omnipresent nose of cranberry, cedar and sweet cherry. Entry carries a slightly sweet cherry pie plus earthy notes which finish medium on the palate. Truly delicious and perfect now - although one could hold for 2-3 more years on account of some lingering tannin. Has aged more rapidly than some may have expected...but excellent nonetheless... 91 points.

  • Dec 12 at 7:17pm
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    Average Price: $24.29

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Dec 11 at 7:52pm
    This Chianti Classico Riserva by Marchesi Mazzei is a great find; the nose evokes a bucolic setting with sedge grass, wild herb, cranberry, cherry and (yes) hard, wrought iron! The palate receives an elegant panoply of sweet cherry and almond with a dollop of fruit sugar. This is an astounding value. Has some acid and structure for further aging but great right now. 90 points.

  • Dec 7 at 7:31pm

    Previously available for $17.40

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Dec 7 at 7:31pm
    Again, with these white Rhone-style whites from British Columbia Canada, there is intriguing Camomile Tea and peach with hints of pear, kiwi and other soft fruit. Good viscosity (mouth feel) with peach and some almond-like bitterness on the finish. Lacking only a bit of purity. Excellent value. 89 points

  • Dec 5 at 11:45pm

    Previously available for $24.13

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Dec 5 at 11:45pm
    The nose of this wine is a,an intriguing vanilla, filbert and spiced apple - appropriate for the season. On the palate, there is a soft vanilla (oak), slightly tart apple and ginger flavour bundle. The finish is warm and the warmth lingers - along with soft, spicy tannin. Elegant but slightly heady. Good value. 89 points. Tasted at Kensington Wines, Burnaby BC Canada.

  • Dec 4 at 7:44pm
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    Average Price: $37.85

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Dec 4 at 7:44pm
    Süsser schwarzer Frucht may well describe the nose,but I would say that sweet red fruit is equally present. The entry is very St. Estèphe, however, with medicinal herb, earth and cranberry (acid). This wine is typical for the region in my experience with residual tannin to age a bit further. Great with food. 89 points.

  • Dec 2 at 10:58pm
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    Average Price: $12.99

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Nov 20 at 9:43pm
    The 2014 Mommessin Beaujolais Nouveau is, as usual, quite different in style from the typical (cf.Duboeuf) offering; the nose is quite dumb (mute), and on entry is more brooding and serious with dark fruit (and plum) dominant. Very smooth, but none of the tropical fruit many of you no doubt expect. Still, an easy drinking primeur with more gravity (more like a village wine). I actually prefer this style; there is the freshness but more wine than grape juice. 84 points.

  • Nov 28 at 7:35pm

    Previously available for $67.26

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Nov 28 at 7:35pm
    I've been holding this muscular boy for a couple of years now; time to taste: the colour is dark (like the Arctic Ocean with blood added) and the nose is of fine English Jam - maybe a strawberry-dark cherry blend of some description. Unfiltered, the wine is cloudy, but entry is a positive hedonic high with slightly sweet ,menthol notes (high alcohol, e.g.) and a creamy blueberry finish which is quite long. Parker loves this stuff. Will age further. 91 points.

  • Nov 26 at 10:49pm

    Previously available for $24.90

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Nov 26 at 10:07pm
    The talented Jeff Martin makes this delicious Chard in a (rather) Cali style - with prominent oak (but not too, too prominent), a sweet entry with ample vanilla, butterscotch, apple and tropical fruit such as mango. This is a fine wine for the price, the only distraction being the gentle northern Chardonnay being a teeny bit overpowered by the oak masking. Still, this may be a small point to many. 90 points.

  • Nov 26 at 9:24pm

    Previously available for $18.65

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Nov 26 at 9:24pm
    This 2010 entry from Township 7 (originally headquartered at Langley BC Canada - but with vineyards in Naramata) is a nice, medium-bodied, sound Cab with a hint of acidity, precipitated tannin, coffee and tasty blackberry notes; the balance is good and nose is leather plus black fruit such as mentioned. Very good value, but drink now. 87 points.

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