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  • Oct 19 at 7:45pm

    Previously available for $22.45

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Oct 19 at 7:45pm
    For you "punters" out there - and I was one once, and still am - in many fields - this South African Roussanne is an excellent intro to the best (in my opinion) white varietal of the Rhone. I try, but I cannot distinguish any difference between this wonderful wine and an expensive French alternative; the nose has a layered tisane note with a touch of gooseberry, and the entry is clean, pure and full of wild white fruit from northern climes. Delicious. 90.

  • Oct 14 at 7:13pm

    Previously available for $28.09

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Oct 14 at 6:23pm
    We do not get Chateau Carignan up this way often, but we should: the 100% Merlot Prima has Fronsac-like subdued rusticity with a deep, fresh cherry bouquet and male-merlot depth, power and finish on the palate. Judicious use of oak adds spice and age-worthiness. Slightly bitter on the back-end, but this comes with youth. 89.

  • Oct 12 at 9:53pm

    Previously available for $29.99

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Oct 12 at 9:53pm
    Punching above the weight of the vintage is the Chateau Olivier 2012...with a wonderfully miscible blend of cedar bark, blackberry jam and white pepper on the nose and a good blackberry and soft oak on the palate. Finish is quite long for the vintage and the wine will mate well with steak. 90.

  • Oct 6 at 7:47pm

    Previously available for $27.83

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Oct 6 at 7:46pm
    Montlabert is a relative bargain for Saint-Emilion, but exhibits all the usual traits of wine from this commune, to wit: a veritable surfeit of cherry on the nose (sprinkled with oak), followed by considerable residual oak and good red fruit (cherry) on the palate with a hint of wet loam; finish has pucker (tannin). Although oak is still prominent, further aging is probably not necessary given the mediocrity of the vintage.. 88.

  • Oct 4 at 7:32pm

    Previously available for $10.43

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Oct 4 at 7:32pm
    This inexpensive but generally most Bordeaux red has a jam-tart nose with a hint of iodine, and enters the mouth smoothly with logwood-cedar bark, blueberry jam and new oak. Good tavern fare with a lignin and blackberry finish. Good value. 84.

  • Oct 4 at 7:00pm

    Previously available for $19.99

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Oct 4 at 7:00pm
    A beautiful Fall day in Vancouver BC suggested Provencal at Chez Meme followed by wine in the nearby park with very old and dear friends. Chantegrive Blanc 2015 seemed up to the challenge with toasty oak and pear on the nose followed by soft oak, pear, gooseberry and lemon grass on the palate - which lingered long and with great satisfaction to all present... will age another 3-5 years. 89.

  • Oct 1 at 7:24pm

    Previously available for $24.07

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Oct 1 at 7:24pm
    The Cistus (which is named for a white, perfumed Mediterranean flower) Faugeres Blanc is a wild, spicy, perfume bomb - smelling of hot, white subtropical flowers; on the palate, there is a spicy, hot cinnamon (the Vermetino effect) finish which would diminish with some aging, but the wine is satisfying and tasty with orange peel and tropical fruit dominating. 89.

  • Sep 29 at 8:07pm

    Previously available for $13.99

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Sep 29 at 8:07pm
    The 2015 edition of the Argadens Blanc has a rich, spicy star and passion fruit nose with a hint of Sauvignon Blanc smoke and grass; on the palate, there is tropical fruit on a smooth, rainwater finish. Less depth than 2014, but perhaps easier drinking... excellent value. 89.

  • Sep 22 at 7:04pm

    Previously available for $22.74

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Sep 22 at 7:04pm
    True to the 2012 vintage overall - especially for the Medoc - this wine has a bright cherry nose and colour (glass rim), and is deliciously modest in offerings of black cherry, a hint of less-than-sweet vanilla, perhaps, and oaken wood staves. Finish is medium with youthful tannin. Best for early drinking with light meats. 87.

  • Sep 17 at 7:30pm
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    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Sep 17 at 7:30pm
    This wine is ready-to-roll - although there could be another decade in this bottle if kept at 15 Celsius or so; the nose is kirsch-like, with a layer of Cypress branch and blueberry jam. Lots of vanilla, cherry and soft oak on the palate - but well integrated and harmonious. Finish has a slight tannic pucker and is very long. An excellent wine. 91.

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