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  • Nov 30 at 10:07pm

    Previously available for $19.35

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Nov 30 at 10:07pm
    8th Generation is a well-respected producer of Germanic-styled wines in Summerland BC. This PN is no exception; the style is seems German, but slightly deeper, smokier and rubbery; get past the smoke and rubber and you have cooked strawberry, with a vanilla/tannin finish. If the German style is the objective, all is well. 86-87 points.

  • Nov 30 at 8:00pm

    Previously available for $12.65

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Nov 30 at 8:00pm
    I received this modestly priced Pinot Blanc from a family friend at a reception honouring a recently deceased relative. Since I had not had any wine from the Heiss family holdings in years, I looked forward to updating my knowledge of this beautiful vineyard and its produce. I was not disappointed: the wine is almost chardonnay-like with apple and pear on the nose. Entry is very pleasant, with gobs of kiwi, gooseberry, pear and apple. Delicious. Nothing poor about this poor man's chard. 89.

  • Nov 27 at 9:22pm

    Previously available for $15.75

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Nov 20 at 9:01pm
    A great aperitif for winter or late fall parties (Thanksgiving comes immediately to mind) that is tasty, easy quaffing and good for the budget. That describes this Gabriel Meffre Cotes-du-Rhone Blanc to a tee...with an orange rind and tisane nose and a follow-up panoply of flavours that include ginger, peach, honey and herbal tea. Finish is only slightly of grape stem. Impressive for the price. 88.

  • Nov 27 at 1:33am
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    Average Price: $25.59

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Nov 27 at 1:33am
    The reliable Louis Jadot negotiant (wholesaler) makes a wonderful generic Pouilly-Fuisse with a garden flower scent (white Wisteria) and a slightly oaky, oily licorice flavour on the palate. Finish is long and satisfying. A fine wine for the price and very Macon. 90 points.

  • Nov 24 at 12:08am

    Previously available for $11.75

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Nov 24 at 12:08am
    The 2015 Plan de Dieu (St. Mapalis) from Meffre is even better than the previous vintage with a sage-infused cherry nose and gritty, wild cherry on the palate. Slightly rustic and invigorating, this wine makes for exceptional value. 89 points+ And, as I am not often wont to say, "a steal"...

  • Nov 20 at 9:06pm

    Previously available for $11.14

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Dec 18, 2015 at 7:32pm
    The 2014 Saint Mapalis from the windswept flatland of Plan de Dieu (God's Plan, or Plane of God) near Cairanne is excellent. There is the candied blueberry nose with a touch of sagebrush (well, maybe garrigue) and there is a clean, blueberry-infused, metallic entry without harshness or heavy tannin. It lacks only the density of the best villages. Finish is medium and flavours are perhaps less complex than village named wine, but a very good wine nonetheless. 89 points.

  • Nov 18 at 9:08pm

    Previously available for $40.57

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Nov 18 at 9:08pm
    This modest Pomerol actually performed well in this much maligned vintage (2013); the nose has an attractive scent of plum and a hint of sweet cherry with a moderately tannic entry (but eminently drinkable now) and a nice cherry effect on the palate plus a little grit and wet loam. Not bad at all, if simple. The flavour profile probably reflects a petit Chateau of some 50 years ago... in a good way. 87.

  • Nov 17 at 7:52pm

    Previously available for $14.90

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Nov 17 at 7:52pm
    As far as Nouveau goes, Mommessin usually makes for heartier fare; the fruit is deeper, less candied and refined - yet totally a product of maceration carbonique - with candy floss, hard (red) candy apple and banana on the nose with that Gamay cherry poking through as well. Very grapey finish - as it should be - with easy drinking, post-harvest flair. Recommended, if you like primeur.... as I do. 86 points.

  • Nov 13 at 7:16pm

    Previously available for $24.37

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Nov 13 at 7:16pm
    Main Divide in Canterbury, South Island NZ has made a wonderful PN at Waipara... a warm, strawberry infused bouquet with trifle and herbal (leaf) qualities invites one to sip, and, the entry does not disappoint: there is just a hint of rubber with wet earth and over-ripe field strawberry on the palate. Finish is quite long for PN at this price point. 89 points.

  • Nov 11 at 9:05pm
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    Average Price: $30.45

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Nov 11 at 9:05pm
    Call it a holdover from student days and wage slavery, but I still rejoice when a gem is found hidden away in the stacks... Chateau Rahoul (Dourthe stable) Blanc is just such a bauble...the scent evokes the Sauvignon Blanc more with gooseberry and lemon grass, with a nice acidic entry and more gooseberry, grass and green fruit on the palate. Great with food and a delicious aperitif, though not strong on depth. 90.

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