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  • Aug 18 at 9:11pm

    Previously available for $18.17

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Aug 18 at 9:10pm
    This Cremant-style wine based on some local varieties (L'Acadie Blanc, e.g.) stops just short (and only just) of so-called Style Champagnois but still fortified with Brioche-light scent and white fruit (gooseberry, perhaps). The flavour is superior to ordinary Bourgogne style Cremant, with a somewhat drier finish and more Champagne notes such as vanilla and dry toast. Mousse is more like Champagne as well, lingering on much longer than expected. A fantastic value. 90.

  • Aug 12 at 7:50pm

    Previously available for $22.10

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Aug 12 at 7:50pm
    This Cru Beaujolais is a fine wine; the nose is of a young woman's perfume - not the kind a richer person can afford, but mixed with her 18-year old purity of scent. On the palette comes a deep, vinous, juicy red-lip smack of flavour with the memoire of fresh grapes (Gamay, of course) lying in deep bunches. Delicious and there is the lasting vigour of taste only available to a Cru. 90.

  • Aug 4 at 7:51pm

    Previously available for $31.02

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Aug 4 at 7:50pm
    Bruce Ewert (late of the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada) has done an incredible job here in the Gaspereau Valley of Nova Scotia (in the Bay of Fundy region); the wine - made from some local varieties (L'Acadie Blanc, Seyval) and Chardonnay exudes Brioche on the nose (though admittedly light) and fine toasty bread and cookie flavours on entry. Finish is clean and worthy; excellent mousse tops the dram well. Seek this out. 90.

  • May 19 at 7:15pm

    Previously available for $8.83

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added May 19 at 7:15pm
    This wine - from an old Soviet era winery in Moldova - is strikingly different; it has a nose of icing sugar, preserved lychee nut with (perhaps) a hint of pear. The entry is soft - almost empty of depth - with a kind of wild white berry flavour beneath a sea of distilled water. The finish is extremely short and light, but surprisingly perfect for a warm day with appetizers. Not bad- if different. 85.

  • May 15 at 8:53pm

    Previously available for $14.62

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added May 15 at 8:52pm
    Normally not a fan of fruit wine, I found this blend of tame and wild blueberries quite exceptional; what struck me most was the similarity (sans a slight excess bitterness one expects from blueberry) to certain light country wines of Southern France and elsewhere with a Grenache panache on the nose (plus jujube). Entry is smooth, light and finish is short but satisfying with acidic blueberry flavours. If on your way to Alaska, stop by at the winery in Prince George. 84.

  • May 12 at 9:07pm
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    Average Price: $25.24

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added May 12 at 9:07pm
    The 2010 Capbern-Gasqueton (with a very famous neighbour) is a very worthy St.-Estephe; the nose is very Bordeaux with a cedar shavings, cherry and blackberry nose.Drinking very well just now, this wine will last at least another decade; with a wonderfully inky Cabernet Sauvignon flavour profile... fir needles and blackberry. A fine wine indeed. 90.

  • May 9 at 10:11pm
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    Average Price: $16.95

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added May 9 at 10:11pm
    This generic Chablis from William Fevre is very fine indeed, with the focus and execution of a Premier Cru; the nose is of green apple and white pepper, and entry is smooth - though with a note of white pepper already mentioned. Clean as a whistle, this wine is highly recommended to those who love Chablis or wish to explore the AOC. 89-90.

  • May 5 at 8:21pm
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    Average Price: $88.96

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added May 5 at 8:21pm
    The 2005 Kirwan has been sitting for about 9 years in my cellar, but with a possible move pending, she must be consumed. Colour is excellent; and the bouquet is filled with cedar plank, sweet (Kirsch) cherry and just a hint of white pepper and chlorine. On the palate, the dominant flavour is cherry with white pepper, vanilla and a hint of French oak. Finish is long and puckers the inside of the mouth hinting at another decade of life (but not this bottle!). A fine wine. 92.

  • Apr 30 at 9:33pm

    Previously available for $25.98

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Apr 21 at 7:49pm
    This Ogier Chateauneuf-du-Pape is wonderful; perhaps the "rolled pebbles" are the answer. In any case, this well-priced wine is redolent of strawberries (yes, somewhat like a deep Burgundy), smooth and food friendly; ready to roll, deep and finishing with the headiness we have come to expect from this region. 89.

  • Apr 30 at 9:29pm

    Previously available for $14.65

    zufrieden's Review:
    Added Apr 30 at 9:29pm
    A dry version of the Frizzante Lambrusco is very good, with a nice vinous nose (similar to the hybrid Marechal Foch) and soft, acidic entry. Very grapey, but somehow deep at the same time, this wine is quite enjoyable, and one of the better examples this reviewer has tasted. 88.

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