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  • May 4 at 8:17pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    vin0vin0's Review:
    Added May 4 at 8:17pm
    Fairly nice Rhone blend from Paso's Tablas Creek. The nose was dark berries with a touch of smoke and tar. The palate was a bit subdued and somewhat shutdown. There was some black cherry and ripe black plum along with a bit of cedar. The acidity was decent and the finish a tad short. May have needed some more time to breathe.

  • May 3 at 8:53pm

    Previously available for $39.95

    vin0vin0's Review:
    Added May 3 at 8:53pm
    Was a bit anxious about this one since it was a gift from a neighbor/friend and storage was questionable. Initial taste on opening was that this was a bit "hot", which at 15.8% abv wasn't unexpected. Visual inspection showed only slight bricking on the rim with a nice ruby core. On the nose is more heat and some smoke and dry earth. After 1-2 hour decant the alcohol has blown off a bit. There is ripe black cherry along with a hint of leafiness (?), baking spice, very ripe green plum, medium acidity and medium fine grained tannins that sit for a good while on the sides of the tongue.

  • May 3 at 5:51pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    vin0vin0's Review:
    Added May 3 at 5:51pm
    This is a NC wine from our beloved Yadkin Valley AVA. Light gold in color, there's some interesting floral and petrol aromatics not unlike a slightly older Riesling. That's where most of the similarities stop however, as this is more tropical on the palate along with dried apricot, some nice acidity but with a touch of bitterness on the back end, fairly simple with a somewhat short finish.

  • May 1 at 6:43pm

    Previously available for $34.00

    vin0vin0's Review:
    Added May 1 at 6:43pm
    Not bad but not great Sonoma (Bennett Valley) syrah. Dark ripe berries on the nose with a hint of tobacco. Lots of ripe blackberry, a bit of earthiness, some cola, ripe black cherry and a touch of cedar on the palate. The acidity is fairly bright but the tannins are a bit short and the finish is of medium length.

  • Apr 30 at 9:37pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    vin0vin0's Review:
    Added Apr 30 at 9:37pm
    After a long weekend tasting Dry Creek Valley zins, came home and decided to try a Paso zin. This is a really nice wine from Adelaida with a bunch of black fruit and a touch of eucalyptus on the nose. There's blueberry pie, vanilla, blackberry, very nice acidity and some nice green plum on the palate.

  • Apr 22 at 8:55pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    vin0vin0's Review:
    Added Apr 22 at 8:55pm
    Fairly big RRV syrah from Balletto. The nose is loaded with ripe dark cherries and a good hit of smoke, some earthiness and a bit of tanned leather. There's ripe black berries on the tongue but the fruit is just starting to fade, some more of the smokiness/leather, fine grained tannins, medium acidity and a medium long finish.

  • Apr 22 at 6:20pm

    vin0vin0's Review:
    Added Apr 22 at 6:19pm
    Beautiful Horse Heaven Hills rose of Cab Franc. The nose is crisp and clean with a hint of bright red cherry. On the palate is more bright cherry, ripe strawberry and touch of melon, bright acidity and a nice finish. One of the nicer roses so far this spring.

  • Apr 20 at 7:46pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    vin0vin0's Review:
    Added Apr 20 at 7:46pm
    Nice enough Sonoma County blend of sauv blanc and sauv musque. The nose is all about ripe grapefruit and a bit of something floral. Ripe white grapefruit on the palate, decent acidity but with a bit of a metallic twinge on the back end. Liked this but enjoyed the Rivers Reach more.

  • Apr 18 at 6:08pm

    Previously available for $25.00

    vin0vin0's Review:
    Added Apr 18 at 6:08pm
    Really nice Rose of Pinot Noir from Domaine Drouhin. Crisp bright red cherry, a touch of melon, some not too ripe strawberry, a good hit of acidity and a medium finish. Last of all of our 2013 rose, good way to end the vintage.

  • Apr 17 at 5:22pm

    Previously available for $25.99

    vin0vin0's Review:
    Added Apr 17 at 5:22pm
    Very interesting Tokaji Furmint Sec. Normally these grapes are used to produce an awesome sweet dessert wine so when I saw this dry version I had to try it. On the nose is a nice blast of something floral, akin to honeysuckle. The palate is loaded with ripe pear, honey, mandarin orange and a touch of lemon pith. There is a bit of a mouthcoating affect, medium acidity and a semi-long finish. Will definitely purchase again.

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