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Three favorite things (in no particular order): --Western Civilization Art Music --Fermented Grape Juice --Motorsports

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  • Feb 8 at 8:08pm
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    Average Price: $46.25

    EMark's Review:
    Added Feb 8 at 8:08pm
    The purple color is more red than blue. Pleasant enough fruity nose with, maybe, a hint of anise. Fruitier than I normally like on entry—blueberry, prune—a little too much “sweetness” for me. This is followed by some drying tannin. This wine needs acid to balance the fruitiness. Aftertaste is pleasant and lengthy—which, to me, shows the folly of aftertaste.

  • Feb 8 at 7:26pm
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    Average Price: $30.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Sep 13, 2015 at 7:54pm
    Aromas of fresh dark fruit—currant, blackberry. Gentle hit of that fruit on introduction to the tongue and palate, but then more rustic earthy sensations emerge as the wine passes back—even maybe a mintiness. Very light on tannin with a nice tartness. I had this wine about a year and a half ago, and it is obvious that it is much more integrated and sophisticated, now.

    EMark's Review:
    Added Apr 17, 2014 at 7:57pm
    Whoa, very fruity on introduction to the tongue--lots of raspberry, some acidic tropical hints like, maybe, papaya, maybe even some citrus. Noticeable sweetness around the edge of the tongue. Not a particularly "jammy" Zin. Medium bodied, easy to drink by itself, but it might be a challenge for some food pairings. US$30.00 from the winery.

  • Previously available for $0.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Dec 7, 2015 at 7:43pm
    Very interesting. Bone dry—no surprise there. However, the blast of fruit that California winemakers seem to always want to give me is not there on the tip of the tongue. There is some plum and other black fruit, but the thing that smacks you hard is tannin. VERY STRONG tannin. A good wine for those of us who are not fans of that fruit-forward style, but I suspect that I might be in the minority. Not a particularly subtle wine. You have to take this one for what it is.

  • Feb 8 at 7:25pm

    Previously available for $34.95

  • Feb 6 at 7:50pm
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    Average Price: $69.88

    EMark's Review:
    Added Feb 6 at 7:50pm
    Clear dark plum color in the glass. Bit of a chemical or mineral nose. Very assertive on entry. Not a lot of fruit—maybe, some blackberry, maybe, a suggestion of stone fruit. A lot of puckery dryness from tannin, but that also gives the suggestion of unsweetened cocoa. A mouth-filling, full-bodied wine. Definitely a “big boy’s” wine.

  • Feb 5 at 8:15pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Feb 5 at 8:15pm
    All fruit, all the time. This is almost as fruity as cherry Kool-Aid. No tannin. No acid. No structure. No backbone. On the other hand, there are probably a lot of people out there who might like it.

  • Feb 4 at 7:50pm
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    Average Price: $34.88

    EMark's Review:
    Added Feb 4 at 7:50pm
    Slightly murky maroon color. Something of a microbial nose—yogurt—with, maybe, some herbaceousness. Very light hit of strawberry on the tip of the tongue. Fairly light bodied. Negligible tannin. Very light acid. Interesting sensation at the back of the palate—melon, as much as anything.

    EMark's Review:
    Added Oct 2, 2015 at 3:53pm
    Light red fruit flavors—strawberry, cherry, plum. Nice medium-bodied wine. Very easy on the palate—enough acid to make you notice but not enough to distract. Fairly short finish.

  • Feb 3 at 1:10pm
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    Average Price: $25.99

    EMark's Review:
    Added Feb 2 at 7:51pm
    Light hit of cassis on entry, but, also, an unfortunate hit of bitterness. Sturdy tannin and good acid. Very pleasant and lengthy aftertaste, but I can’t get that initial bitterness out of my mind.

  • Feb 1 at 7:24pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Feb 1 at 7:24pm
    Big nose of black fruit, green wood, tobacco—pretty much all over the place. A very big wine under the palate. Some black fruit—blackberry, plum—but the most obvious thing is gigantic drying tannin. Alcohol hits at mid-palate. This one is, pretty much, a brute. Definitely, not a sipping wine. Drink with your most robust meals.

  • Jan 27 at 7:41pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Jan 27 at 7:41pm
    Remarkably smooth entry for such a young wine. Black fruit, but it seems “watered down.” So, it doesn’t smack you in the face. There is also an herbal aspect that is, as much as anything, minty. Smoothness fades mid-palate where a combination of tannin, acid and alcohol seem to give it a roughness. I like this wine and am of the opinion that there is sufficient tannin and acid that needs to be resolved by more bottle age.

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