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Three favorite things (in no particular order): --Western Civilization Art Music --Fermented Grape Juice --Motorsports

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  • Aug 26 at 11:49pm

    Previously available for $1.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Aug 26 at 11:49pm
    Somewhat murky prune color in the glass. Fairly complex nose—oaky vanilla, tarry, green herb. Initial (may have been biased by the color), raisin, dried currant. Considerable mineral or graphite mid-to-rear palate. Tannins are, presumably, quite resolved. Acid adds refreshness and really helps, but an unfortunate bitterness (alcohol?) detracts. I’m not going to say that this is a horrible wine, but it seems disjointed. Aging should have harmonized the components. Instead it seems that each one is going its own way.

  • Aug 25 at 8:01pm
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    Average Price: $26.19

    EMark's Review:
    Added Aug 25 at 8:01pm
    Noticeable yeast odor on opening the bottle. In the glass, it is not noticeable—more of tart red fruit. Yes, red plum and a suggestion of cherry on the tip of the tongue. Initial impression is “sweet.” As the wine passes back I get more of the acid tartness that I like. Some sort of a smoky thing on the rear palate. A tingling on the tongue that might be alcohol, or it might be acid.

  • Aug 24 at 7:35pm
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    Average Price: $45.99

    EMark's Review:
    Added Aug 24 at 7:35pm
    Very floral nose. Lots of fruit on entry—table grapes, lemon. Some spiciness on the rear palate. Light on oak. Acid tartness is more apparent than “butter.” Pleasant enough wine.

  • Aug 23 at 2:56pm
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    Average Price: $36.99

    EMark's Review:
    Added Aug 21 at 2:37pm
    I'm still loving this wine. Light on dark berry fruit. Plum. Good tannin that adds a bitterness, but doesn't dominate. Nice acid. Multiple levels to appreciate. Just a great wine.

    EMark's Review:
    Added Mar 24 at 8:01pm
    This one lands very comfortably on the tongue before detecting flavors of red raspberry and stone fruit mid-palate. Surprisingly light on tannin. (?) However, strong acid tartness is detected in the rear palate. I have a few more bottles of this and look forward to see how it changes.

  • Aug 21 at 8:03pm

    Previously available for $9.99

    EMark's Review:
    Added Aug 21 at 8:03pm
    Gawdawful fruit bomb.

  • Aug 17 at 7:52pm
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    Average Price: $59.99

    EMark's Review:
    Added Aug 17 at 7:52pm
    Dark red plum color. Fruity acerbic nose with a suggestion of herbs—rosemary. Tart plum on initial entry, then blackberry. Some earthiness farther back under the palate. Tannins are fairly stiff with supporting acid. This suggests to me that additional sideways resting might be beneficial.

  • Aug 16 at 7:42pm
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    Average Price: $38.99

    EMark's Review:
    Added Aug 16 at 7:41pm
    Dark red plum color. Fairly fruity nose. Plum is my initial tongue sensation—very close to, but not quite prune in sweetness and texture. Noticeable, but not blatant tannin along with similar acid give this wine backbone and structure.

  • Aug 14 at 7:57pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Aug 14 at 7:57pm
    More red than blue in color. Bright tart nose—some earthiness. Initial impression belies the nose. Candied berry fruit on the tip of the tongue—cherry. As the wine passes back under the palate I get more earthiness and tartness, and the wine acquires sophistication and complexity. It does seem a bit hot, and I’m OK with that. As my taste buds are anesthetized by alcohol the annoying fruit syrup characteristic that I first noticed diminishes to the point that the wine becomes enjoyable, but still not my favorite Esquisto.

  • Aug 12 at 7:43pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Aug 12 at 7:43pm
    A very aromatic wine with lots of dark fruit and oak. On the tongue there are various berry flavors—cassis, blueberry on the sweetish side and cranberry (?) on the tartish side. Leathery notes as the wine passes mid-palate—might also be more of a dark chocolate thing. A nice full-bodied wine whose tannins appear to be completely resolved.

  • Aug 8 at 7:52pm
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    Average Price: $16.99

    EMark's Review:
    Added Aug 8 at 7:52pm
    Pretty purple—more blue than red—color in the glass. Not the world’s greatest nose—may need a bit of air to blow off sulfur funk--also, some astringency. Lots of red fruit on the tip of the tongue, but, then, I get sturdy tannin and acid that gives wherewithal to this wine. Certainly, the lack of complexity prevents me from describing this a great wine, but, if I was grading on a curve I might describe as a darned good $10 wine.

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