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  • 18 hours ago

    Previously available for $0.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added 18 hours ago
    Something of a floral nose. Stone fruit on entry—peach, apricot. Very light bodied. Some minerality mid-palate. Nice tart acid. Nice summer sipping wine, even though winter here in the Northern Hemisphere is less than two weeks away.

  • 23 hours ago
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  • Dec 5 at 11:37pm

    Previously available for $99.99

    EMark's Review:
    Added Dec 5 at 11:37pm
    I had one of these five months ago and did not particularly care for it. This is a better report. Nose of dark berry fruit. Sure enough, typical Cabernet Sauvignon cassis on the tongue. Some hint of tobacco or coffee on the rear palate. Super tannic and plenty of acid suggest that this is a candidate for many more years of aging—maybe decades.

  • Dec 5 at 11:34pm
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    Average Price: $24.99

    EMark's Review:
    Added Jan 26 at 8:10pm
    Not a fruit-forward wine by any means. LOTS of tannin. Not necessarily a bad thing, but let that be a warning to tannophobes. The flavor profile points me to tobacco, dark chocolate, mocha. Not the kind of wine you want to sip—more the kind of wine that you want to accompany food. It is very full-bodied. So, it will with a robust meal—a beef or game roast or a stew. Also, since it does not have a lot of fruit, it will not compete with the preparation of your meal.

  • Dec 4 at 7:41pm
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    Average Price: $39.99

    EMark's Review:
    Added Dec 4 at 7:41pm
    Dark purple—more blue than red—in the glass. Maybe I have blue on my mind, but I’m getting blueberry on introduction. As the wine passes back there the fruit seems to be “clouded”—may be the drying effect of tannin. Speaking of which sneaks up on me as the wine hits the rear palate. Not the “biggest” zin I’ve ever had, and, I have to say, not nearly my favorite Lytton Springs. I am, however, going to chalk that up to youthfulness. I’ll look forward to more in future years. We’ll see if my opinion changes.

  • Dec 2 at 8:15pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Dec 2 at 8:15pm
    Very pretty garnet color with a lot of light coming through the wine in the glass. Something of a spicy (?) nose—I’m getting cinnamon and, maybe, clove which doesn’t sound like Pinot Noir to me. Light red fruit on the tongue—strawberry—and, also, a spritzy sensation on the tip of the tongue that makes me think effervescence, but there is none. Light-bodied. Fruitiness is tamped down by what I swear is a suggestion of cinnamon.

  • Dec 1 at 7:39pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Dec 1 at 7:39pm
    This wine still has a pretty big hit of red raspberry on entry, but that diminishes quickly. Towards mid-palate I get an earthiness. Tannins are very sedate compared to my previous experience with this wine over a year ago. Tannin and acid are supportive, providing backbone, but are much more in balance with the wine’s fruit. I liked this wine a year ago. I really like it now.

    EMark's Review:
    Added Sep 10, 2015 at 8:23pm
    Very deep purple color. Surprisingly red-fruited on entry. I get a fair amount of red raspberry. This is followed by a somewhat bitter earthiness. Then some stiff tannin kicks in which gives it a lot of masculinity. The slight bitterness may be an offshoot of the tannin.

  • Nov 30 at 3:02pm

    Previously available for $59.97

  • Nov 28 at 7:57pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Nov 28 at 7:57pm
    Lightly fruited nose—red berries, some dustiness. On the tongue, again, a light hit of red raspberry very (very) little suggestion of fruit sweetness. In fact, if anything there is more a suggestion of viney bitterness. Medium-bodied. To me, this one is fairly light on tannin, and the acid seems more sour than tart. I enjoy it, but it doesn’t show me any complexity that makes me think “great wine.”

    EMark's Review:
    Added Jun 9, 2015 at 8:01pm
    Pretty red color. Muted, dusty nose. Hit of raspberry or cherry on the tip of the tongue. Then some earthiness—not as much as I’m used to seeing in Carignanes. This is followed by serious acid tartness. Drying tannins are apparent, but they are different from tannins that I get from Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel. Not terribly heavy. This could almost be a summer sipper. I am hesitant to predict the age-worthiness of this wine, but I do have another example in my inventory and I’ll just leave it there for a few years.

  • Nov 22 at 8:06pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Nov 22 at 8:06pm
    Nice dark ruby color. Pleasant nose of dark fruits/berries. Very pleasant introduction on the tongue—typical cabernet sauvignon flavors of black currant. Maybe just a tad “sweeter” than normal, but that passes as soon as the wine leaves the tip of the tongue. The thing that I find surprising about this wine is the very tame tannin. My experience is that Spring Mount reds are tannic monsters. Clearly, the tannic content of this wine is apparent. However, that seems to have settled down to provide me with a wonderful wine experience.

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