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Three favorite things (in no particular order): --Western Civilization Art Music --Fermented Grape Juice --Motorsports

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  • 1 hour ago

    Previously available for $0.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added 1 hour ago
    Strong suggestions of unsweetened fruit—blackberry, currant. Some leather or tobacco on the rear palate which makes the wine seem harsh. Some sourness. Something of a minty aftertaste. Seems to be high alcohol. I don’t think I paid much for this wine, and it doesn’t suck (oenophile technical word), but I doubt that I will seek out more or recommend that anybody else do so.

  • Mar 20 at 7:50pm

    Previously available for $44.97

    EMark's Review:
    Added Mar 20 at 7:50pm
    Beautiful dark purple color. Rich pruney nose. Blackberry on the tip of the tongue. Some, “woodiness” to which I would attribute tannin. Nice firm tannins and acid give lots of backbone. I love the fact that this is not an in-your-face-with-fruit wine. The blackberry note hinted dissipates into a truly terrific wine experience.

  • Mar 20 at 5:50pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Mar 20 at 5:50pm
    Brick color in the glass. Interestingly a winemaker (of Italian heritage) once told me that Sangiovese should be a brick or umber color, not bright red. It did have a lively red fruit nose and on the tip of the tongue more of the same. After that I lost interest in this wine--fruit fades, no acid, no body, no complexity, no soul. There's nothing yucky about it, but there is no pony, here, either.

  • Mar 15 at 8:15pm
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    EMark's Review:
    Added Mar 15 at 8:15pm
    Very pale yellow in the glass. Very pale. More fruity, but slightly flowery nose. On the tongue delicate fruit flavors suggesting peach, kiwi, green apple. Very crisp and refreshing. A super easy wine to drink on a hot day—and even though it is, technically, winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is pretty darned hot, here, today.

  • Mar 14 at 8:14pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Mar 14 at 8:14pm
    Dark plum color. Very much an “earthy” nose. Light hit of candied fruit on entry. Then some sour hits. Then some bitterness. That makes for a very unusual experience. Surprising to me, but not altogether off-putting. Also interesting that this is, probably, the lightest bodied Ridge I’ve ever had. A good wine, but far from my favorite from this maker.

  • Mar 6 at 7:51pm

    Previously available for $55.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Mar 6 at 7:51pm
    Attractive garnet color in the glass. Light flowery nose. Very subtle entry. Tangy red plum flavor along with violets. Fairly light-bodied. Very enjoyable wine. Nice acid tartness makes this easy to enjoy with or without accompaniment.

  • Mar 3 at 7:36pm

    Previously available for $0.00

    EMark's Review:
    Added Mar 3 at 7:36pm
    Lots of bright red fruit on entry—cherry, raspberry. After passing the tip of the tongue I get the soil. That’s good because it tamps down the slightly excessive red fruit. Then acid and tannin kick in. Both are prominent and both are welcome. This is a darned good Zinfandel. Zins like this may tempt me away from Dry Creek Valley as Ground Zero.

  • Feb 27 at 7:51pm
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    Average Price: $32.89

    EMark's Review:
    Added Feb 27 at 7:51pm
    Lots of fruit on the tip of the tongue—blueberry, currant, raisin. “Sweeter” than I normally like. Some oaky vanilla. Dusty tannin mid-palate. A very easy-drinking Cab—fruit forward as many Napa Cabs are, and not terribly complex, but at the price point you just don’t care.

    EMark's Review:
    Added Feb 23, 2016 at 7:54pm
    Dark fruit nose—maybe, some licorice. Surprisingly subtle on entry. I am getting dark berry—blueberry, currant, black raspberry—but I can’t believe how silky the entrance is. Sturdy tannin and acid suggests some aging potential, but why? More of a burger wine than an Beef Wellington wine. Just so easy to drink.

  • Feb 24 at 4:55pm
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    Average Price: $33.99

    EMark's Review:
    Added Feb 24 at 4:55pm
    Nice unsweetened dark fruit on entry. Lots of earthiness. Lots of oaky factors. Stiff tannins suggested that patient aging will be beneficial.

  • Feb 22 at 7:52pm
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    Average Price: $21.99

    EMark's Review:
    Added Feb 22 at 7:52pm
    Red fruit—raspberry, strawberry, plum—with slate on entry. Mid palate shows earthiness as initially suggested by the slate. Nice tannin and acid. An easy drinker. This is the kind of Zin that you want a lot of in your cellar. It is an easy “go to” with any kind of casual dinner.

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