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1 St Francis Pagiti Zinfandel (2007)
Comments: Fruity. Soft and pleasant acidity.
Average price: $15.99 from 3 stores
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2 Bota Box Old Vine Zinfandel (2011)
Comments: I've had this on two occasions, one 2008 and one 2009. Both times the wine was very fruity, with black fruit notes. After having the box sit in my fridge for weeks, I can attest that it stays fresh for extended periods of time, though after the first week or so it starts to taper off.
Average price: $18.99 from 118 stores
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3 Sausal Winery Zinfandel Alexander Valley Private Reserve (2008)
Comments: Smells like a fruit bomb (cherries), and very woody as well. Extremely smooth and very fruity, with perfect tannins.
Previously available for $20.99
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4 Acorn Zinfandel Heritage Vines Alegría Vineyards Russian River Valley (2008)
Comments: Strong yet smooth. A bit woody with meaty aromas. Great tannin levels.
Average price: $20.79 from 2 stores
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5 Ravenswood Barrica Sonoma Valley Zinfandel (2006)
Comments: A little hot for my taste, but still very good. The acidity is high, but not overbearing.
Previously available for $32.59
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6 Ravenswood 'Lodi' Zinfandel (2008)
Average price: $25.99 from 6 stores
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7 Rutherford Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon (2008)
Comments: Delicious! Obviously a bit hot (15.5% alcohol), but very fruity as well. Despite the heat (and you can somewhat TASTE the alcohol, not just smell it), it's very smooth. Probably much better with food (like a nice steak), it's great on its own! Once you let it open up, it becomes an amazing wine, and a great deal!
Average price: $17.99 from 31 stores
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