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Top Soave 2019

Rank Wine Rating Price
1 Inama Vigneti di Foscarino Soave Classico (2016)
Comments: Lovely floral notes of dried chamomile and sunflower with soft lemon and papaya. Lovely palate of spice and bold acidity, zesty lemon and grapefruit flavors with a beeswax core and a hint of eucalyptus, crisp golden raisins and fresh pear, with a nutty finish.
Average price: $46.92 from 7 stores
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2 Villa Canestrari Soave Superiore Riserva (2014)
Comments: Pungent dried fruit and cream aromas of fresh ricotta cheese, peach preserves and wildflower honey. Floral and nicely fruited palate of melon and fresh spice, peach and mellow oak with a soft and intriguing floral and lightly autolytic finish of honey, buttery pastry and tangerine. Lovely.
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3 Vicentini Agostino Il Casale Soave Superiore (2016)
Comments: Floral and nutty aromas of almond and warm butter, spiced wood and lemon. Preserved lemon and nutty cream on the palate with muted acidity, a bit of aged cheese, a hefty mouthfeel and some light melon on the oaked finish.
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4 I Stefanini Monte di Fice Soave Superiore Classico (2017)
Comments: Tart and fresh tropical fruit aromas of mango and melon with some golden berries and lemon and a touch of dried earth. Zesty minerality and tart citrus notes of lemon and grapefruit with persimmon and light pumpkin notes. This is a bit floral and quite fresh, bursting with acidity on the mid palate before yielding to a crisp, light almond finish.
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5 Tenute di Corte Giacobbe Vigneto Runcata Soave Superiore (2016)
Comments: Herbed and leafy aromas of basil and lime leaf with fruit notes of grapefruit, lemon and dark rye toast. Crisp acidity and bold fruit flavors on the palate with notes of golden berries and tart lime and kiwi, fresh melon and green apple towards the creamy almond finish. 91 pts
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6 Gini Contrada Salvarenza Soave Classico (2015)
Comments: Tangerine and sunflower aromas, lightly honeyed with orange blossom notes. Mellow and round with a crisp medium acidity, green apple and orange fruit notes and a nutty finish of toast and a bit of lemon ice.
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7 Cantina del Castello Soave Classico (2016)
Comments: Tart lemon candy with sour citrus notes and some light nuttiness. Pleasantly full on the palate with tart yet crisp and fruity flavors of peach and grapefruit, lemon zest and a lengthy, puckeringly sour finish that carries a bit of toasted sunflower seeds and green apple.
Average price: $16.99 from 1 store
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8 Monte Tondo Casette Foscarin Soave Classico (2016)
Comments: Slightly dusty and dry, a bit honeyed with notes of melon and ripe apple, light wood dust and toast with a bit of cream. On the palate this is juicy and oily on the palate with nice full body, pleasant spice and a finish of lemon zest and cool mineral sea breezes.
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9 Rocca Sveva Ciondola Soave Superiore Classico (2016)
Comments: Soft peach, melon and white blossom aromas. Crisp, apple and melon notes with some pear and white pepper spice, a touch of eucalyptus and winter berry, allspice and a finish of honeyed lemon and toast.
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10 Monte Carbonare Soave Classico (2016)
Comments: Light lemon-tangerine aromas with crisp melon notes and floral spice. Nicely spiced and quite zesty on the palate with bright acidity, melon and lemon fruit notes and a dry, dusty and oaky finish with strong notes of tart citrus and waxy, floral notes.
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