Gregory Dal Piaz

Location: New York, NY

Top Malbec Tasted 4/14

User Rank Wine Rating Price
Kaiken Ultra Malbec (2011)
Average price: $14.99 from 3 stores
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Chateau Lagrezette Malbec Cru d'Exception Cahors France (2006)
Previously available for $30.00
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Graffigna Centenario Reserve Malbec (2010)
Average price: $9.97 from 1 store
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Apaltagua Reserva Malbec (2012)
Average price: $135.48 from 4 stores
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Perez Cruz Limited Edition Cot Malbec (2010)
Previously available for $22.33
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Sagelands Vineyard Malbec (2011)
Average price: $14.99 from 1 store
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Bodega Cuarto Dominio Chento Malbec (2011)
Average price: $19.99 from 9 stores
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Vina Cobos Malbec Bramare Lujan de Cuyo (2011)
Average price: $55.01 from 2 stores
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Vina Cobos Chardonnay (2012)
Average price: $17.99 from 3 stores
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  • 1197158Dennis Haff Also suggest the Antigal Winery & Estates Uno Malbec, $14-16/bottle. Deep ruby red color, with deep nose of oak and blackberry. Great with beef.

  • 103234Mern Luca has always been my favorite Malbec!

  • 381013Stallion Love the Gascon Reserve Malbec in the purple bottle. A fantastic wine for around $22. The Darioush 2009 Napa Valley Malbec was AMAZING....but a hefty price tag of around $60. Cheers!

  • 426220jamessulis I'm sure all of the Malbec's shown here are of the finest quality and taste. For my money and for reasons no other than that the taste appeals to me and satisfies my palate to unbelievable levels. The one that does if for me is "Layer Cake Malbec"

  • 1304204jolinegkg A second vote for Layer Cake Malbec. One of my favorites.

  • 1105497noelia Hi! I found your selections very interesting. I'm a sommelier from Mendoza Argentina and I would have never chosen tamari or grafigna instead of other much more interesting malbecs such as the terroir selection of three different Malbecs from Catena Zapata, famiglia Bianchi Malbec, Lamadrid Malbec if you prefer a more fruity alternative or luigi bosca. Take them into account when trying malbecs from here.... I liked the article, it gave me another point of view of our wines. Enjoy malbecs tomorrow invthe Malbec world day!!!!

  • 89065Gregory Dal Piaz Hi Noelia, Thanks for the suggestions and comments. I tasted wines that are both widely available, and more difficult to find here in NYC. Trying to give as broad a view to the variety as possible in preparation for Malbec day! I do enjoy the Bianchi Malbec in particular. Hope you have a great Malbec day!

  • 1105497noelia Hi! Thanks for your fast answer!!! I didn't know thodevwined are widely found there. Thsnk you!! There id big celebration in all Mendoza

  • 1390590VoltaireXXIII The Cohoes is an extraordinary value and has been a favorite at our table for a few years. Widely available too, I have bought it in supermarkets in Iowa.

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