Gregory Dal Piaz

Location: New York, NY

Pizzato wines tasted May 2012

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1 Pizzato Red Blend Concentus (2006)
Comments: Merlot in FO, tannat in FO, Cabernet Sauvignon AO Cedary, sweet spices, faintly herbal. Nice tobacco and cigar box notes, pretty rich and frankly a bit fruity but the oak and earthy base here makes this quite complex and balanced, hint of tomato leaf, more herbal, fresh herbs, sage with time, lovey huckleberry and lighter black currant fruit on the backend, layered and evolving on the back end, this is for and dry, with wood tannin obvious under the fruit but the fruit is fine and fresh and shows aromatic complexity in the mouth, finish could be longer but that should come with time, 91pts
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2 Pizzato Reserva Merlot Dna (2005)
Comments: Toasty with vanilla hint, licorice, very ripe black fruit, smoky, a bit of cognac oak, smoky soil tones, carob, there's a sweetness here very likely from wood aging, inky on the nose, opulent on entry, big fruit, big slightly fruit gel fruit on entry turning fresher on the palate nice uncles herb and lime peel elements breaking up the opulent intensity, a touch opaque on the palate, still quite youthful. This shows better freshness on the finish, a bit short, cut by the tannins a bit, dark muscular and streaked with wrapper tobacco and roasted coffee bean notes, needs several years before peaking, 91pts
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3 Pizzato Merlot Reserva (2008)
Comments: 13.5% Eight or nine months second and third use, Smoky, soil toned, dried herbs, a very spicy green herbal note, more wordiness here, very nice black plum black currant fruit, carob notes, a faint almost nutty sweetness, medium to medium full body, very smooth, very plummy fruit, prugnie fruit, bright acid, a bit of wood tannin on the palate, a fine mineral and black soil tone, almost salty that cuts right through the palate and drives the finish, lovely finish focused and slightly salty with, really great, tense finish plum and plum skin, finishes particularly strongly 90pts
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4 Brancos Pizzato Chardonnay Legno (2011)
Comments: A little ham and coffee toastiness on the nose, ripe, slightly dried fruit character on the nose, silken textured, nice fruit character, well balanced, wood tends to fade into the fruit on the palate, a bit of candied pineapple, fruit gel quality on the palate, just a hint of wood spice and wood tannin popping on the backend of the palate then the mineral wash takes control of the finish with lemon pith fruit and pretty good length, 89pts
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5 Brancos Pizzato Chardonnay (2011)
Comments: Apple cores, earthy, with a fine fennel note and hints of cooked greens, pretty fresh, pretty mineral on entry, a bit fruity styled but the mineral and slightly aggressive terroir adds cut to the palate, finishes with a rather assertive, almost mineral salt element, good length, Chablis like, has very restrained if fine fruit. 88pts
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6 Pizzato Tannat Fausto (2007)
Comments: Dark, bitter cocoa, ivy, crushed spice notes, something a little floral, a hint of curry powder/dry middle eastern spice, dark, powerful but fresh, seems almost sweet with its combination of dark fruit and dry extract, sweet tannins, bright acidity, black fruit, black berry, black plum skin, hint of pencil lead, violets emerge on the palate, dry finish is tight and compact yet the tannins are very fine and very ripe, nice freshness, 88pts
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7 Pizzato Tannat Reserva (2007)
Comments: Earthy, spicy, intense nose, a little vanilla, fine black fruit note, very focused, a little leathery, spicy dry port kind of nice, very smooth, almost soft, broaden the plate, fine tannins, crushed berry fruit leaning towards black raspberry and black berry with a hint of black currant, really lovely fruit on the backend, elegant style, finish has some nice dry tannin but this remains elegant 88pts
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8 Pizzato Reserva Egiodola (2007)
Comments: Earthy, floral, violets, perfumed fruit, a bit of grilled steak, candied brown licorice, round and soft on the palate, tons of dusty tannins, smoky, on inner mouth perfumes, like Nebbiolo tannins though this is way earthy and smoky on the palate, dark, a bit ashy in the mouth, lots of almost bitter dark fruit, crunchy, rocky notes, dry finish, over fully dry and mineral but this has fine wild berry fruit with a dusting of white pepper and a little herb inflected minerality on the finish, Like a blend of Nebbiolo and Grignolino. 88pts
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9 Pizzato Fausto Rosé (2011)
Comments: Six hours skin contact, Dried guava fruit on the nose, a hint of dried beef, a little smoky and earthy, light bodied, dry, tense and steely, nice fruit, faint cherry skin tones backed up with a bright, cranberry brightness, real minerality on the finish which is sort of wrapped up in more cranberry fruit, very refreshing, really Sapid, 87pts
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10 Pizzato Merlot Fausto (2009)
Comments: Smoky, a bit charry, splintery woody notes on the nose, charcoal and black fruit, black cherry fruit with a hint of ivy and some violet, even a bit of geranium and potting soil, sweet vanilla top note, Medium bodied, clear, with nice black cherry and light sour plus notes, very soft tannins, very nice acidity, a bit of dry tannin on the finish, a little austere 86pts
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11 Pizzato Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon (2005)
Comments: 13.5% A lightly jammy black currant nose with hints offsets, allspice, mocha and vaguely floral green notes, medium full bodied, soft tannins, rich fruit which is a little indistinct, more of that date like fruit character over bitter cherry tones, tannins are fine if gently austere, nice finish is earthy and dry, and moderately long, 87pts
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12 Pizzato Espumante Brut (2010)
Comments: Eight % rs, 22 months on the lees, 75 chard, 25 Pinot. Or Nice yeasty, brioche notes on the nose, light lemon cream, zesty and mineral. Lemony with. Suggestion of passion fruit and pineapple on the palate, a fair amount of nutty, Brie autolytic character, nice length, dry, and a touch austere, lightly aromatic on the finish though more autolytic than fruity. 87pts
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13 Pizzato Espumante Brut Rose (2011)
Comments: 80 pn, 20chard, nine months on the lees 10% to 11% rs Lightly red fruited, a touch simple perhaps, fine mousse, sexy mouthfeel, easily slides across the palate, delivering nice raspberry and a little earthy yellow fruit as it goes, this is not creamy but soft and very fine, the fruit is small but pure and persistent on the moderately long finish, fun, 87pts
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14 Fausto Demi Sec (NV)
Comments: Light nose, again apple fruit, dry for a Demi sec with notes of honied almonds on the palate, bit of honeycomb, over brie notes and dust, drying apple fruit, just. barely sweet, nice dry demi sec with good follow through of fruity and nutty flavor, almost floral on the finale, 86pts
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15 Pizzato Espumante Brut (NV)
Comments: Just a bit yeasty and almond skin aromas over fresh baked bread and lemony, strawberry tinged fruit, fine mouse, lovely fresh crisp apple fruit, crisp and direct, fruityish, but this is nicely nuanced and long with lemon pith notes and a finale edge of bitter almond fruit, 85pts
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16 Pizzato Alicante Bouschet Brasil Alicante Bouschet Vale Dos Vinhedos Pizzato S (2005)
Comments: Dark, ivy, lots of classic terroir of the region, iron rich greens, and a little ash, with a low dried fruit sweetness, smooth and a bit soft, very broad, rather flannelly and showing an evolved character with tobacco and dried herb dried leaf character, finishes with decisive tannin, decidedly fresher on the palate, though this remains chunky and rustic, 84pts
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17 Pizzato Dr. Fausto de Castro Cabernet Sauvignon Pizzato (2009)
Comments: 13% Nice vegetal nose, gone light pencil shavings tone, a very low innate sweetness to the fruit, smooth, easy style, bright acidity, ice table wine style. Easy dark king, juicy, pure but simple, nice length, rather focused finish with pure mineral inflected dark and wild, dark frutti del Bosco fruit, but this a bit simple, 85pts
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