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Lidio Carraro wines tasted May 2012

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1 Lidio Carraro Tannat Grande Vindima (2008)
Comments: 16% ABV Dark, brooding, dried fruit, huge black tea, earl grey tea note, dried black cherry, black plum, spice cookie, rich and smooth, fairly large scaled, lovely fruit, black fruit, earthy, some rosemary, dried herb, melted licorice, black fruit, bit on pencil lead, lots of fruit on the backend and onto the finish, plummy, prunyish, lots of ripe tannins, powerful but soft, has a moment on the finish that recalls Amarone but this is much fresher, and deeper, wow this is crazy, powerful and almost over the top with nary a sign of the alcohol, a little dry port Iike, bitter tannic finish is a nice counterpart to the intensity of the fruit. Not really for me but this is a knockout. 94pts
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2 Lidio Carraro Merlot Grande Vindima (2005)
Comments: 14.2% ABV Big tobacco note on opening, chocolate, cocoa, intense, a little bit of char, a little licorice, baked cookies, a hint of chips ahoy, red plum, black berry, black currant, fairly rich and fairly smooth but not too smooth nor sticky matte rich, just super merlot, great elegance, depth for fruit, taut and lively on the palate, as big as I would want, lovely red fruit, fine dusty tannins, drive the finish, finesse and elegance, this really has poise, really archetypal merlot if you're talking about the grape and not winemaking, shows the contest hint of heat perhaps but returns with. Long wild plum skin finish 92pts
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3 Lidio Carraro Quorum (2006)
Comments: Very intense nose, lovely layered quality, clay, tobacco, dried herbs, carob, a little cried mushroom, leather, plummy fruit, some red currant top notes, rich in the mouth, a bit softer acidity, a bit sweeter fruit, nice complexity, already showing signs of evolution, mushroom, a little creamy edge to the red fruit, big black currant on the midpalate, tighter on the finish with a real mineral pop, good length, dead ringer for Bordeaux, lots of savory aspects going on here, the currant fruit really drive the palate, tight, focused finish 90pts
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4 Lidio Carraro Elos Touriga Nacional Tannat (2008)
Comments: 77% Touriga Nacional, 23% Tannat Very perfumed, licorice, leather, game, dried rosemary, sour fruits, floral, a little peachy, tree bark, exotic middle eastern spice, green anise seed, very soft entry,, brightened by acidity, nice wild berry, little zinberry fruit on the palate, medium Weight wine, soft very fine soft tannins, distinct orange peel and red apple peel accents on the midpalate, mulberry fruit, turning spicy on the backend and moderately long finish, lovely fruit here, very fresh and wild berry toned, balsamic aromatic top. Pets in the mouth, all sorts of stuff going on here, needs a few more months or hour in a decanter to really fully round out, 90pts
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5 Lidio Carraro Teroldego (2008)
Comments: Black fruit, light notes, hints of cocoa, a hint of canned black olives, a gentle suggestion of herb. Rich and soft, flannelly, lovely texture ripe soft yet remaining fresh with a fine base of mulberry and black raspberry fruit, nice transparent feel. Lovely these tannins, round and polished but with a light coating of astringency lending some spice on the back end, fresh and fruity with intense fruit in a very approachable style, this shows some classic minerality under the sour berry fruit and finishes with refreshing acidity, 90pts
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6 Lidio Carraro Da'Divas Pinot Noir (2012)
Comments: Woodsy, autumnal, a spicy, a jammy small berry fruit nose, a touch gamy, a hint of juniper berry, lots of soil tones, definitely a caramel, spicebox edge, ginseng, almost no tannin, bright acidity, very transparent, a little like sucking on rocks with some tropical hibiscus tea notes, wild raspberry and strawberry fruit, very delicate, a touch floral in the mouth, finishes with strong minerality, faint but persistent fruit, lots of raspberries, long finish, 88pts
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7 Lidio Carraro Nebbiolo Singular (2006)
Comments: Cherries in alcohol, spice notes, a little prune, classic. Nebbiolo profile, background hints of roads tar and lingonberries with a suggestion of dried herb and leather. Lighter bodied, fresh and easy, ha a light roundness on the palate then moderate but classically austere Nebbiolo tannins move in on the midpalate, light fruit, elegant and quite fine, wild cherry and lingonberry fruit on backend, great finish, bright and totally varietal with light fruit inner mouth perfume, fine length, solid fresh acidity, a little softer than ones from Piemonte but nicely varietal. 88pts
Previously available for $116.84
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8 Lidio Carraro Chardonnay Da'Divas (2011)
Comments: Fine nose, a nice blend of fresh fruit, a little white bread toast, apple and lightly tropical fruits, a little creamy ice, very refined, Elegant, and totally transparent, very fine acid balance, nice mineral notes with vibrant fruit flavors, nice apple and pineapple fruit, faintly creamy texture, very subtle lime and orange candy gel fruit base on the midpalate, fine length, really very Elegant style, 88pts
Previously available for $12.99
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9 Lidio Carraro Sulbrazil Agnus Merlot (2011)
Comments: Complex and intense nose, a Bordelaise combination of smoky, loamy earth, blackberries, black currant, lightly vegetal top notes, leather, a really lovely insinuation go dried green chili and paprika, super fine balance, fresh, light sweet tannins, grape skin tannins, transparent on the midpalate and high toned, supported by the slight astringency of the tannins, plenty of black currant fruit, finishes firmly with slightly dry tannins and decent length, very unfettered style, 88pts
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10 Brazil Lidio Carraro Agnus Cabernet Sauvignon (2010)
Comments: 13% A touch acetic at first, roasted herbal quality, beefy, a bit tight, cocoa black cherry, roasted beefy fruit, hint of blueberry, very fine focus on the palate, soft tannins, easy drinking style but one that shows some nice lightly bitter fruit tones, black berry, black cherry. Touch of pomegranate seed tying things together and a hint of tropical fruit, a bit of lift from the volatility, surprising to find volatility here very elegant style, nice purity to the fruit on the finish which shows more black currant fruit but this is a touch simple, 87pts
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11 Lidio Carraro Red Blend Elos Cabernet/Malbec (2008)
Comments: 80/20 Nice aromatics, fairly Cabernet driven, lots of dried herb, roasted herb, leafy. Has a certain sweetness on the nose, roasted sweet green bell pepper, black currants, a bit of dates, much lighter on the palate than expected, bright, juicy a bit simple, nice fruit, shows a lot like the Agnvs though with more blueberry fruit on the, isolate and a little more flesh, crisp tannins on the opulently long finish, rather elegant and fine but this lacks the excitement of the Elos touriga 87pts
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12 Rose Da'Divas (2011)
Comments: Persimmon, a bit beefy, floral as well, herbs de Provence notes, little fennel seed and lavender very taut, clean, fresh, lighter bodied, decent fruit character on the past, the back end shows a bit of meatiness and spice, fairly long finish, spicy and floral on the finish with air, warming this rounds out a bit, gins some more fruit a little orange peel a little wild cherry, and a little plum skin on the finish. 86pts
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