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French Sauvignon Blanc

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1 Pierre Deschamps Sancerre (2010)
Comments: Soft on the nose with a nice floral element and an almost red plum quality to the aromatic fruit. Shows flashes of Meyer lemon, sweet lime and seashells. This really pops on entry with lovely Meyer lemon and sweet lime fruit that remain aromatic and pretty in the mouth. There’s a soft mineral cut that adds texture to the palate, which shows some sour apricot and peach tones before adding a peach pit element on the moderately long finish. This has a lovely yet not weighty richness to it. 91pts
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2 Attitude Sauvignon Blanc (2010)
Comments: Tight on the nose with grassy, herbal tones, hints of dusty crushed rock and a soft grape skin and slightly exotic fruit tone. This is fairly rich but remains focused in the mouth with bright acidity and wonderful freshness to the fruit. There’s real clarity on the palate with fine mineral cut beginning on the mid-palate and driving through the moderately long finish with bright, pure citrus fruits. Very bright and zesty on the palate. 90pts
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3 Pascal Jolivet Clos du Roy Sancerre (2011)
Comments: Floral, herbal and complex on the nose with notes of grass and asparagus complementing the pithy citrus fruit that flashes hints of melon and quince. Fairly compact in the mouth with a soft richness easing across the palate and delivering hard citrus and stone fruit flavors. There’s a nice gravelly element on the back end which leads to a modest lemon pith finish. This is beautifully aromatic but a bit of a let down on the palate. Might improve with time in the bottle. 87pts
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4 Domaine Philippe Portier Quincy Cuvee des Victoires (2010)
Comments: Tight and pithy on the nose with light gooseberry, fig and yellow berry aromas against a backdrop of dried hay and chalky soil. Bright and fresh on entry, this unfurls on the palate with a lovely core of richness that is well balanced by the steely acidity. Fresh and not terribly complex, but bright on the finish with a chalky edge that drives the moderately long finale. 87pts
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5 Chateau Bonnet Entre-Deux-Mers (2010)
Comments: Very bright on the nose with a lovely combination of flowers, dried herbs and figgy, lemon curd fruit. Light and fresh in style, though delivering rather rich fruit that shows nice tension on the palate. This has a little bit of sneaky richness to it, offering pollen, floral inner mouth perfumes, a touch of melony fruit and subtle heirloom apple peel notes on the palate and through the moderately long if light finish. Refreshing if a touch simple. 86pts
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6 L'Escargot Sauvignon Blanc (2011)
Comments: Nicely aromatic, this combines some of the more overt grassy notes of New World Sauv Blancs with the soft citrus fruit and soil tones of the Old World. A touch soft perhaps though not really lacking acidity, this is clear and fresh on the palate, with the acidity popping more due to the lack of richness than a truly acidic nature. Very light and refreshing in style with a decidedly mineral finale. A nice wine for oysters this summer. 86pts
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7 Château Coucheroy Pessac-Léognan Blanc (2009)
Comments: A bit earthy with natural yeast and older wood notes that dominate the nose with a hint of spice and preserved lemon. This offers up a very attractive blend of ripe fruit, wood-induced roundness, and a bit of spice on the finish, all while remaining fairly true to the preserved lemon notes of the nose. The finish is rather tight and short. 86pts
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8 Château Timberlay Red Bordeaux Blend Bordeaux Supérieur Blason Timberlay (2011)
Comments: Notes of light grass and soft undertones of honey complement the core of gooseberry and yellow fruits on the nose. Perhaps a touch sweet on entry, this packs in a lot of bright acidity that helps to enliven the palate, making this succulent and citrussy in a well balanced, if slightly raw style. Light honey notes grace the finish but the rawness is a touch jarring. 85pts
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9 Gilles Louvet O Sauvignon Blanc Pays d'Oc (2010)
Comments: Lots of honeycomb on the nose with hints of caramel, dried melon and candied apple. Rich, soft and slightly sweet on entry, this is decidedly atypical for Sauvignon Blanc, showing more honeyed Semillon-like character with lots of sweet, apple-y fruit that is supported by bright acidity. The mid-palate is richly flavored and picks up melon notes as it transitions to a modest and more typically refreshing finish. Shows some nice plum skin notes. Unusual but not unattractive, and organic. 85pts
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10 Tortoise Creek Wines Sauvignon Blanc Cuvee Jeanne Cotes de Gascogne (2011)
Comments: Leafy on the nose with some heirloom apple aromas topped with notes of green chile and cut grass. Broad and a touch soft on entry, this is in an easy drinking style that delivers modest peachy flavors on the palate. The finish is modest with a nice mineral twang on the finale. Simple and easy. 80pts
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11 Arrogant Frog Sauvignon Blanc Pezenas (2011)
Comments: Very lemony on the nose with soft suggestions of flowers and grass. This is bright and zesty in the mouth, simple but pure with lemon notes and a faint edge of sweet apricot fruit. A touch round, the modest finish shows a slightly dusty edge. It doesn’t do much but what it does, it does well. 84pts
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12 Thierry & Guy Fat Bastard Sauvignon Blanc Cotes de Gascogne (2011)
Comments: Tight on the nose with a touch of quince accenting the steely lemon fruit. This is light and easy with a palate that shows off simple steely, citrussy fruit in a super fresh style. Lighter bodied and quaffable with a modest finish. 83pts
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