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Unitl I can find a better site to rate wines, this must do for now. I have discovered that I enjoy pinot noirs. My reviews are useless; peruse at your own peril.

Favorite Reds

Rank Wine Rating Price
1 Red Diamond Shiraz (2009)
Comments: An excellent budget bottle. Even a little jammy! Quite smooth with all its respective elements in place. I would say value city with this Red Diamond bottle.
Average price: $8.99 from 55 stores
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2 Red Truck Pinot Noir (2009)
Comments: Outstanding example! Hits all the right marks: bright, cherry, neat. Beautiful finish.
Previously available for $11.94
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3 Cupcake Red Velvet (2011)
Comments: Very nice showing from a vineyard I've never encountered in battle before. Everything is in balance, from spectrum of dark fruits, to just the right amount of complimentary acidity. Nice bargain and I would consider picking up another bottle in their lineup.
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4 Estancia Pinot Noir Pinnacles Ranches Monterey (2010)
Comments: Finally tried a wine that I actually enjoyed! Those smooth berry flavor up front, paired with a crisp finish. Quite drinkable. As micro beer person, I like this!
Average price: $10.97 from 97 stores
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5 Redwood Creek Pinot Noir (2010)
Comments: Still on the Pinot Noir kick! Quite enjoyed this balanced beverage, simple and straight forward with little pretense. Fruit up front, with just enough bitter tannin.
Previously available for $8.99
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6 The Little Penguin Pinot Noir (2010)
Comments: This is what I'm looking for, especially someone that is new to the wine world. Penguin's Noir is approachable and smooth as hell--no wincing going on here. Additionally, it is very affordable!
Average price: $5.37 from 116 stores
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7 Fess Parker Pinot Noir Parker Station (2010)
Comments: Purchased on recommendation. Wow! Really enjoying the cherry, strawberry, and spice. Much heavier than other pinots I have tried; I really like the mouth feel. Excellent offering.
Average price: $14.99 from 1 store
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8 Meiomi Pnr Belle Glos (2011)
Average price: $22.61 from 17 stores
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9 A By Acacia Case Sale Pinot Noir (2012)
Comments: Perhaps one of the more refined pinots I have encountered. Quite jammy, but held up by tannis backbone. Nice to look at.
Average price: $13.99 from 21 stores
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10 Rainstorm Pinot Noir (2011)
Comments: Not the most approachable of pinots I've had, but this cherry- and starwberry- forward pinot will win you over.
Average price: $15.99 from 15 stores
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