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20 Highest Scoring Zinfandels

4. Carlisle Zinfandel du Pratt Vineyard Mendocino County (2011)

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Tight with an early note of exotic grapefruit/passion fruit, accenting the red and blue fruit of the nose. This is medium light bodied and finely balanced, with a lovely texture that is almost supple but still shows good tension in the mouth. Red currant and subtle frutti del bosco flavors shine on the palate, with a nice streak of vanilla with a late-arriving wild blackberry note. The finish shows a bit of obvious oak, but that should integrate with time. This is rather refined, with lovely purity to the fruit, and such an intriguing, almost delicate texture. 93 points
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  • 78514BrianFlaherty Only ONE Zinfandel outside of the Napa or Sonoma area???? You obviously don't know squat about CALIFORNIA zinfandels!!! This leads me to question: How much do these guys pay you??!!! I've been drinking legally for over 50 years. . and, began my wine education in, first, Napa; then, moved to Sonoma to avoid the tourists. And, when both Sonoma and Napa became "full of themselves" after reading so many articles about the "wonderfulness" of THEIR wines, to the virtual exclusion of all others, I "moved on" to Amador County and it's Shenandoah Valley vineyards. . .Where Zinfandels are their "signature" wines [Several of the vineyards have been producing since Gold Rush days [1840-1860] and are STILL producing VERY fine wines. . .Not the least of which are great Zinfandels. . .Barberas. . .Petite Syrahs. . .Syrahs. . .Mourvedres. . .Aglianacos. . .Sangioveses. . .Few tourists! [at least in comparison to Napa and Sonoma!] And, virtually ZERO traffic jams!!! To name just a few: Il Gioiello/Morse; Cooper; Renwood; Vino Noceto; Jeff Runquist; Sobon; Driven; and, enough other EXCELLENT wineries I haven't named to keep you busy for a couple seasons!~!! [By the way, I have NOT forgotten that you DID name Easton. . .]

  • 144418rayeverett I have to disagree a bit with BrianDavid above... I attended this year's ZAP Festival in San Francisco, where I tasted wine from probably 25 out of more than 100 producers and I was eager to try those from outside Napa and Sonoma and I fell in love with several outstanding efforts from Paso Robles area. But unfortunately I was mostly underwhelmed by those from the Sierra foothills and the central valley. Way too jammy and lack of subtlety or nuance were the typical flaws for me. I remain enthralled with the zins from the Russian River Valley and Dry Creek Valley areas, which remind me more of Bordeaux in their complexity and nuance (and ability to age... Harvest Moon recently did a series tastings starting with 2001 RRV and Estate zins, and they were holding up very well!) I agree there are some good things coming from Amador County and other places in the foothills etc., but the Zins aren't necessarily always the strongest offerings in my opinion.

  • 78514BrianFlaherty Ray. . . I will say only what Orson Welles always said: "The BEST wine is. . .the wine in MY glass! (smile) And, my personal comment: "The BEST wine is the wine YOU like!" (insert another smile here!) And, if you're ever up this way, drop me a note. . .I'll be happy to meet up with you and we can "do the wineries" together. . And, spend a great day arguing which is best!! (smile)

  • 1081642Michael Hixson GDP: Candied Swedish Fish? Really? (must have been a long tasting day.....LOL!)

  • 1182979Baunie Paso Robles produces EXCELLENT Zins. In fact, I'm going to open one right now! (Smile)

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