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General Snooth

Does Snooth sell wine?

Snooth doesn't sell wine; however, you can buy wine that you find on Snooth's site through our merchant partners. Once you have found a wine you'd like to purchase, you can click on the "Buy It Now" link which will redirect you to the site of Snooth's partners.

What the heck is a SnoothRank?

SnoothRank is our rating for the wine. The SnoothRank is calculated with a secret algorithm, taking into account the wine's reviews, how many there are, and where they are from. SnoothRank is a single, simple number which makes it easy for you to compare different wines and to feel sure in your decision.

What’s the deal with the User Tags?

User Tags are key characteristics of a wine or a review that are automatically extracted from the reviews' text. Tags may contradict each other if two people reviewing the same wine have different opinions of the wine, but overall are helpful for everyone.

What is a Quality Price Ratio?

The Quality Price Ratio is a way to sort wines by the ones with the biggest ‘bang-for-the-buck.’ Since a lot of the highest rated wines can be quite expensive, this will allow you to see wines that rated highly considering their lower cost.

I work in the wine industry and want to list my products on Snooth

To add and edit products on Snooth, sign in to our free Wine Professionals Interface to get started.

When I copy text from Snooth a link is added. What is it?

When a visitor copies content from Snooth, a link is automatically added to the copy. The link helps the visitor easily attribute content to Snooth.

If you do not want a link to be added to the copied content, then you can use the following links to disable and re-enable this functionality. This will work on a per-browser basis.

Disable Appended Link

Re-enable Appended Link

Finding Wines

How do I search for a wine?

Searching for wines on Snooth is easy. Simply enter a wine name, a grape type, the name of a winery, or even what you’d like to eat with your wine into the search bar and hit search. Once you get to the search results page, you can use the Advanced Search sidebar to refine your results even further.

The wine I want to review doesn’t appear in the search results. What should I do?

Snooth has collected information on hundreds of thousands of wines, but we may not have the one you want to rate in our database just yet. You can add a wine to our database by clicking on the "Are we Missing a Wine?" button on the right hand side of the wines page or by clicking here. Once you have added the wine, you can rate and review it.

If you simply need to suggest a missing vintage for a wine, find the wine in any vintage, click on the "Corkscrew" icon next to a wine record and select "Suggest a Missing Vintage."

What is the difference between "All Wines" and "Wines in Stock" on the search page?

When the toggle is set to "All Wines", every wine in Snooth's database that meets your search criteria will be displayed. When the toggle is switched to "Wines In Stock", only the wines that are available for purchase will be displayed. Snooth sets your view to “Wines In Stock” by default.

Rating Wines

What do these ratings really mean?

  • 1 Glass: Dislike It (I would drink it if you paid for it)
  • 2 Glasses: Neutral (I would not look for this wine in particular, but I would not avoid it)
  • 3 Glasses: Like It (I would buy it if I saw it)
  • 4 Glasses: Really Like It (I would look for this wine in particular)
  • 5 Glasses: Love It (I would go out of my way to buy this wine)

Why is there a rank for some wines but I don’t see any reviews?

The SnoothRank is sometimes calculated from information, reviews, and ratings on the wines that we do not display.

Why are there different numbers of reviews in the graphs than I can see?

Sometimes there are so many reviews for one wine that we don’t show them all on the page. If you click on the button at the bottom of the page that says “See All Reviews,” then the rest of the reviews will appear below.

Can I put something into 'My Wines' without rating it?

Yes you can. If you click on the corkscrew icon, just click on the "add to my wines" checkbox, and it's automatically bookmarked on your "My Wines" page.


Why do I need to rate 5 wines in order to receive recommendations?

Unlike sites that make recommendations only by selecting wines of similar price, region, or varietals as wines you have purchased in the past, Snooth works to understand your personal taste so your recommendations are wines you actually would like. In order to understand your preferences, Snooth needs a sample of at least 5 wines that you like or dislike. Although 5 wines is the minimum, the more wines that you rate, the more accurate your recommendations will become.

What if I can't think of 5 wines to rate?

If you don't feel like you are ready to rate 5 wines, Snooth recommends that you set up your profile and rate as many as you can. You could also increase your number of ratings by doing one or more of the following:

  1. Use the Snooth search engine to search for new wines to try, read the reviews, and then purchase them through Snooth’s merchant partners.
  2. Take note of the label information the next time you drink wine at dinner or a social occasion. When you get home, you can rate the wine on Snooth.
  3. Try a wine that you see on one of Snooth's Similar Wines lists

I rated 5 wines, but my recommendations are not showing up yet.

If you have just finished rating wines, please allow five minutes for Snooth to refresh your recommendations. If your recommendations are still not showing it could be because you’ve rated less common wines and we are unable to match your taste profile accurately. As you rate more wines this will be corrected.

How do you guys pick my recommendations?

Your recommendations are based on highly rated wines from other Snoothers with similar tastes to your own. Each time you rate a new wine your recommendations are recalculated to account for new opinions.

Buying Wine

I'd like to buy a wine. How do I do that?

Once you've found a wine that you want to purchase, click on the button that says "Buy It Now." This will take you to page listing what merchants have the wine for sale. You can choose which ever merchant you like and press the "Buy it Now" button to be directed to their site where you can complete your purchase. If you click on the merchant's name, you will be redirected to merchant's profile page, where you can find more wines from that merchant and subscribe for updates.

What do I do if I have any questions or problems once I've ordered a wine?

Snooth does not sell wine itself. You should contact the retailer directly in order to work out any problems.

How do I look for wines from specific merchants I want to buy from?

If you go to the specific merchant's profile page, click on the button called "Shop all wines from this store." That will narrow the scope of your search to only wines sold by that particular merchant.

Snooth & Wineries

Why should I follow a winery?

The wines we drink and the information presented on Snooth wouldn't be possible without the winery. Let's be honest - they're doing the hard work and we get to enjoy. At its most basic, it really helps them to know we care. Also, if you follow the winery, we'll help them reach out to you with special offers and conversation starters. It's a great way to get a little closer to the brands you love.

Why wouldn't I just talk to wineries directly?

You should!

So why use Snooth?

Making great wine is hard work and winemakers may not have enough time to talk to everyone. We're working hard to give them tools to make reaching you easier. Think of us as a town square for a hypothetical wine village. If you participate in the conversation in a central place you'll hear about more great happenings you might have otherwise missed. That being said, we're sure they still would love to talk to you directly.

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