• Why Wine Should Know Its Place

  • It's My DOC in a Box

    I may be the only one harping on the Italian Agricultural Ministry's decision to allow wines graded DOC to be “bottled” in the fairly ubiquitous...

  • Stampa

    I am still toying with the shape and tone of this blog so forgive me as I feel my way. This week I feel compelled to comment on some Italian-wine news that...

  • The Omnibibers' Dilemma

    I have prematurely become an old man in at least one respect, I yell at mass media devices when I am angry or upset. I haven't crossed the line to where I am...

  • London Calling

    Trade fairs, no matter the trade, are a Darwinian exercise in survival of the fittest; specifically survival of the flashiest. I am often reminded of Bourbon...

  • I put a spell on you, baby

    I am sitting here with a glass of Sangiovese di Romagna – Fattorri Zerbina's Torre di Ceparano to be exact, more on that in a second – listening to Nina...


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