Your Typical Online Wine Buyer: Rich Married Guys


A recent research project by California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo agribusiness and wine and viticulture faculty has revealed the typical online wine buyer is most like a wealthy female millennial. The research information was presented at the Academy of Wine Business Research International Conference this past summer in Geisenheim, Germany.
The study, titled, “Click, Ship, Sip: Who is the Online Wine Buyer?” received completed surveys from 918 participants. Data showed the typical online wine buyer is “an older, married man, with an income higher than other wine consumers,” the report said. 
Online purchases are also popular with wine connoisseurs and people who enjoy talking about wine, the study noted. 
“Online wine buyers are more likely to be a highly involved wine consumer that appears to know more about wine and dedicates additional resources to wine purchases,” the researches noted.

Online wine buyers are not afraid to spend more money on their purchases, either.
“Those online wine purchasers purchase more wine at higher average prices,” the study said.
An interesting facet of the study was a supplemental follow-up study designed specifically for millennials. The researchers received 119 responses from millennials. 
Even though millennials are more comfortable with technology, the study concluded “millennials are not likely to purchase wine online.”
Rather, the age group tends to want an in-person, experiential interaction with the wine. Shipping cost was also a deterrent for millennials who choose not to make online wine purchases. 
Immediacy is an important factor for millennials.
“Millennial consumers purchase wine to consume withing the next month and therefore believe that it is not worth waiting for a wine shipment,” the study said.
The majority of millennials purchase their wine from grocery stores, the data revealed.
The research is important for the wine industry, who is trying to solve the conundrum that is the market's youngest demographic.
“For wineries or wine shops that would like to increase online sales to Millennials, it is recommend that they find ways to decrease the cost of shipping wine to purchasers,” the researchers concluded. “It is also recommended that they market the wines available online as quality wines perfect for a special occasion or gift.”
Furthermore, the study said, “it is also important to help Millennial consumers make a connection with the wines they are purchasing online, (though) further research is necessary to determine how to make that connection.”

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