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We’ve just started our second wine writing contest here at Snooth, the first one was about wine travel itineraries and the winner, Shannon Jones, won a contract to report on the North American Wine Bloggers Conference for Snooth valued at $500.

This time around, we’re doing things a little differently. The entry format is the same, write an article to enter; but the contest will run a little differently. Let me begin by describing how one enters.

This go around, we’re are focusing on people’s epiphany wines. That one wine that made you go "wow" and set you on the road to ruin as you repeatedly try to recreate those emotions you felt that first time. You can never repeat your first time, but we like to try. I’ve written up my story as an example. I got a bit carried away (yours does not need to be this long, but I leave that entirely up to you). And don’t worry, I’m not eligible to win this contest. Find out all the details inside.

Photo courtesy theonewhoistall via Flickr/CC