Wine tasting is an adventure. The thrill of discovering that new great value is one of the things that keeps us going. But with a deluge of new releases each year it can be a daunting world to explore. How was this vintage, that producer, or that region? So much to remember, so much to understand!

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2009 J Opi Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina 13.5%

This is cool and composed in the glass, with fresh yet dark, sweet fruit tones backed up by layers of wood spice, licorice, grilled meat, pepper spice, and balsamic tones. Really bright on entry, with a lovely balanced feel that belies the ripeness of this wine. Wonderfully precise flavors of black berries framed with hints of balsam, white pepper, smoke, earth, and topped with a touch of caramel cream. The tannins float just under the fruit, lending this a rather velvety feel in the mouth. The moderately long finish has a nice spicy tone contrasting the fresh fruit. A lovely well-balanced Malbec that deserves a nice rosemary grilled steak as a partner. 90pts

2008 William Knuttel Epée Cuvée Pinot Noir, Sonoma County, California 13.9%

Sweet, perfumy cherry fruit with a touch of wood spice and light notes of cola and gingerbread. Nicely balanced on entry with a rather suave feel across the palate. This offers up lovely fresh, deep flavors of spiced cherries with a hint of orange peel and some finely shaded cola and coriander tones. This is already quite silky across the palate with just the finest tannins adding some contrast to the texture. The finish is moderately long and shows the same fine balance that the wine exhibits in the mouth, with fine tension between fruit and spice tones. I immediately thought of a nice roast duck as the ideal accompaniment to this Pinot. 89pts

2008 Schroeder Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Patagonia Argentina 14%

Very cool and composed on the nose with a tight, focused core of blackcurrant fruit framed by notes of tobacco, vanilla, tomato leaf, and wood spice, as well as suggestions of flowers and leather. Soft on entry, the richness of the wine conceals the acids at first, but on the mid-palate the wine pops with red currant fruit, gentle herbal tones, a creamy edge, some vanilla tones, and lovely layered earth and spice notes. The tannins are present but unobtrusive. This is very well balanced and remains fresh in the mouth. The wine finishes with a touch of elegance and persistent red currant fruit. Very nicely done and a wine that can stand up to a nice skirt steak chimichurri. 89pts

2008 Celita Sangiovese di Romagna Superior DOC, Italy 13.5%

Fruity and youthful on the nose, with notes of dark strawberries and cherries backed up with hints of anise, earthy spice, lilacs, and a light forest floor note. Nicely balanced if slightly youthful, with a refreshingly rustic edge to the modest tannins that give this a little bite in the mouth. The flavors of mineral and earth are balanced by nice dark berry/cherry fruit that flows onto a moderately long finish. There’s a little chocolatey aspect to the tannins on the finish as well. A gutsy little wine with real character. This would pair perfectly with a nice dinner of braised sausages and polenta, though it could do justice to a good Sunday Sauce. 88pts

2009 Château Florie Aude Bordeaux AOC, France  14%

A strikingly black-purple color in the glass. On the nose this offers up quite a nice balance of light wood tones, vanilla and nutmeg, under rather exuberant violet-tinged dark berry fruit that is more cherry than currant. This has remarkable intensity of fruit. A bit flat on entry, this remains a bit tight across the palate, but has a lovely feel: very Bordeaux with the classic elegance of Bordeaux married to a slightly more powerful and fruit-driven quality than one typically encounters with young Bordeaux. As the wine opens, it reveals gentle layers of licorice, black currant fruit, tobacco, black spice, and earth across the palate. The finish is moderately long with more of a wood spice character and the typical austere tannins of young Bordeaux, but the fruit hangs in there until the very end. A very classy little Bordeaux that seems eminently suited to a nice prime rib dinner. 88pts

2008 Il Papavero Primitivo Puglia IGT, Italy 14%

A little candied on the nose, with an earthy underlay to the dark black raspberry/blackberry fruit and a cracked pepper top note. This is a bit lean at first, but as the black cherry fruit is fresh and precise it’s easy to overlook that. The tannins are a bit dry and lend the wine a rustic edge that works well with the earthy background to the fruit. This is a bit of an aggressive wine in the mouth, but really offers up such nice fruit that it works. The long finish adds a very slight medicinal/licorice note to the clear black cherry fruit. A wine for rustic foods, roast goat, or pork ribs gently seasoned with garlic, pepper and herbs. 88pts

2009 Parnell Estate Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, California 13.5%

Sweetly scented with notes of ripe cherries, creamy oak, toasted pecans, and lovely floral and lightly stemmy/herbal notes. This is a lighter-styled Cabernet with plenty of red fruit flavors and a nice hit of creamy, spicy oak, but on a medium-bodied frame. It’s not lacking flavor though, and really grows in the mouth with bright, fresh red currant flavors. Very Alexander Valley. The finish is moderately long with a nice light freshness and soft tannins peeking out on the finale. Not a knockout by any means, but very well-balanced with gentle herbal and spice notes adding complexity and inner mouth perfume. This would work well with a nice beef stew or a pork and green chili chili! 88pts

2008 Baron de Barbon Seleccion Especial, Rioja DOC, Spain 13.5%

The spicy tones of toasty oak greet the nose, along with vanilla-edged black raspberry and mulberry fruit. This is quite silky in the mouth with a nice richness that really fills out the mid-palate. The tannins are quite well-concealed, with slightly tart berry fruit on the mid-palate that supports the vanilla and wood spice notes nicely. The finish shows more tart berry fruit with a nice cigar box edge that extends through the medium-length finish. This would pair well with a nicely spiced pork or turkey thigh flavored with garlic and smoked paprika. 87pts