Wine tasting is an adventure. The thrill of discovering that new great value is one of the things that keeps us going. But with a deluge of new releases each year it can be a daunting world to explore. How was this vintage, that producer, or that region? So much to remember, so much to understand!

Well, the WSJwine Discovery Club is here to answer some of your questions, plus a whole lot more. With the trusted Wall Street Journal name standing behind each wine selected for the WSJwine Discovery Club you know you'll be getting only the best.  The best of the latest vintages, the best of the unknown stars, and the best each region and grape has to offer.

Just in time for fall, not to mention the holidays, comes the WSJwine Discovery Club latest selection of great red wines. Not only is this case packed with fine wines (including a knockout Malbec from Argentina, a Pinot Noir from Sonoma that is all silk, and an Italian Sangiovese that is bright and full of juicy fruit), but it is also a remarkable value. At $89.99, you’re saving $100. And shipping is free.

It gets better — each wine comes with a detailed tasting note giving you useful background information and serving advice to help you get the most from every bottle. Add to that a handy binder to hold your notes and you can see what a great deal this is. There’s just one more thing — with this introductory offer you’ll also receive three bonus bottles of top estate Chianti (a $47.94 value).

So, order today and receive 15 bottles of great wine, as well as the binder and detailed tasting notes for only $89.99, with free shipping. You’ll be saving $100 on wines you’re guaranteed to love, or your money back. And if you want to share the wines you love with the ones you love, this special collection also makes a terrific holiday gift. Read about the world-class wines in your case and take it from there.