There are so many great value wines right under our noses that we often miss them as we’re scouring the shelves for something new. Some inevitably are those ‘old’ wines that we just dismiss out of hand for various reasons. Take white Bordeaux for example, easy to dismiss, but what a mistake that might be. There are many lovely examples out there under $12 a bottle that perform exactly as one might hope a value white to perform. Crisp, fresh, easy to drink, modestly complex. These are terrific wines and they are poised for a renaissance, though not without obstacles that must be dealt with!

During a recent virtual tasting, of Vouvray though that is not terribly important, a participant raised an interesting point. While discussing the issues facing Vouvray, it was proposed that perhaps the new world’s preference for varietally labelled wines played some role in the continued struggles for widespread acceptance that some of the wines of Europe face. While that was discounted to a large degree for Vouvray for various reasons, I can’t say the same for white Bordeaux.