Il Nettuno is a large restaurant for Grand Case, located on the bay with excellent views. The food is only ok, but the real appeal here is its suitability for families and children. It’s large size, and familiar menu of Italian restaurant staples can offer an easy solution to family dining, just stick to the tried and true and you should fare well enough here. On a side note they do have the 2007 Alois Lageder Rosato of Lagrein on the menu, which may very well be the perfect, Rose. We went through a pair of bottles and it worked with the food, and would be just as good on its own. A wine to watch out for.

So now the final night, and we always save the best for the last, or at least try to. Spiga, the lone Italian fine-dining outpost in Grand Case is a world-class restaurant that has never failed to impress me with their food. If it was here in New York City I might be there every week, but as it is I certainly look forward to the handful of times I can dine there each year.