While this email was going to focus on the best of the best of Grand Case's road front restaurants, I’ll need to make a small detour first, back across the road to the ocean front tapas bar La Bodega. One just cannot eat meals like those one gets at Bistro Caraibes or Spiga every night, so slipping a visit to La Bodega in-between is a good solution to this difficult problem.

Like many Tapas bars, La Bodega seems to get a late start, and bizarrely is closed on Saturday. Fortunately for me I was not there on a Saturday and was able to enjoy a nice spread of tapas that included ample portions of codfish fritters, merguez sausage and Serrano ham, each for just $5 a plate. Even more impressive was the excellent paella they were offering a special on the night of my visit.

Rich and packed with a variety of meats and sweet shrimp, this version of Paella reminded me more of Jambalaya than the traditional Paella I am used to, but the art paella is all up to the chef, and this one did not fail. Cooked to order, this combined savory, properly cooked rice with the spiciness of the meats, and would have been a perfect match for wine or sangria, though I opted for a cool beer on this evening.

Much like the Spanish food of La Bodega, the Italian restaurants in Grand Case offer a nice break from the more common French fare. There are two restaurants offering Italian fare here, Il Nettuno on the bay side and Spiga, tucked away around the bend in arguably the worst location in Grand Case. With a location like this there can be only one reason reservations are required and the restaurant is always full: it’s the food. Before I go on with a full report on Spiga just a few words about Il Nettuno.