Wonder-Drug Chemical Good For More Than Just Your Body


Resveratrol's knack for hitting the news headline's continues.
The chemical's power to protect your cells from wear and tear may soon be used by Australia's Barokes Wines to protect their vino's cells from wear and tear, according to a recent story by Beverage Daily's Ben Bouckley. 
“The present invention relates to a container for a beverage having an inner coating layer comprising resveratrol, a process for preparing such a container, the use of said container for the storage of beverage and the use of resveratrol as an additive to coating layers of such containers,” Barokes' patent application reads. 
The application was filed on June 26 of this past year and was published on December 31.
Though contemporary forms of packaging are widely accepted, Barokes' patent application states, many of them have flaws.
“The use of glass bottles has evolved more recently as the preferred storage method, however glass has a number of drawbacks as a packaging medium for beverages,” the application says, “including its weight, durability and less than optimum recycling ability.”
Alternative forms of packaging – including metal cans, PET bottles and Tetra Pak cartons – also have their set of pros and cons, Barokes noted. 
“Their success has been limited and so far none of these has been successfully used as packaging medium for the storage of wine.”
Furthermore, the application said, global shipping practices now subject wines to a variety of climate and storage conditions.
These conditions put wine's delicate nature at risk, the application said.
This risky business is why the company decided to diverge and invent a method by which wine – boxed, canned, or bottled – is preserved.
“It has been surprisingly found that a container for a beverage such as wine, wherein the inner surface of the container is at least partially coated with a coating layer comprising resveratrol provides excellent protection from the detrimental and undesired loss of quality, including the undesired consequences of the reaction between the beverage and the packaging material,” the application said.
Barokes when on to point out that “resveratrol surprisingly enhances and stimulates the defense mechanism against oxidation and yeast growth in the packaged wine.”
Bouckley noted that the proposed resveratrol patent could be useful for other beverages as well.
“While wine is the principle focus of the invention in this patent application … it could also be used to package any beverage that may interact/react with its packaging and spoil,” he wrote. “Namely fruit juices, soft drinks, lemonades, colas, acidic beverages, carbonated beverages and beverages containing phosphoric acid.”

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