This week’s installment of What We’ve Been Reading takes a bit of a different tack. We’re sharing some of the less wine-centric wine blogs that we follow. Truth is, there is only so much a blogger can drift and still be producing a wine blog. This being a series that purports to expose wine blogs sort of limits the scope of the who and what we’re discussing.

So, how are these blogs less wine-centric? Well, they’re funny, irreverent, and acerbic at times. I read these as much for the wit as for the wine! Ron Washam ‘s HoseMaster of Wine was the Mac Daddy of irreverent wine blogs, but sadly has not been updated since August. In searching out some alternatives, I’ve come across three that are worth a look.

Let’s begin with Another Wine Blog, where Joe Power and Amy Corron Power share the duties delving into the life and times of wedded wine geeks. Their recently published 2010 Annual AWB Self-Serving Wino Survey and, in particular, the previous post "You never know who might be listening" are simply great reads.

Visit Another Wine Blog to read more.