For better or worse, the wines of Spain and Portugal get lumped together in many people’s minds. This has as much to do with the countries sharing the Iberian Peninsula as it does with wine writers, like myself, grouping the wines together in vintage assessment profiles and year-end round-ups, like I’m about to do.

The truth is I should easily be able to write many articles about each country’s wines. They are both countries with diverse and dynamic wine industries using many indigenous grapes with lots of up-and-coming producers as well as an old guard.

So, why do I taste so few of their wines? With Portugal it’s simply a matter of supply, as much as I want to taste more there is still a fairly limited number of wines coming into the U.S. Spain, on the other hand, is exploding and I find exactly the opposite problem: so many wines that it’s tough to settle on a theme for tastings. While with Portugal I am comfortable tasting wines from all over the country, Spanish wines are abundant enough to allow for more specific, themed tastings and the truth is with my busy schedule some regions will inevitably be ignored.

Having said all that, I present to you Snooth’s Most Searched-for Spanish and Portuguese wines of the year. In addition, you can find my top picks for Spanish and Portuguese wines tasted in 2010 by following the link to the slideshow below.