Why Talty? Why not someone who makes more wines, who is more able to handle the vagaries?

The answer is easy.  I’m not really that interested in knowing what a winemaker can do with a whole bunch of grapes. I have seen many winemakers do just that and do it brilliantly. What I have not seen is a winemaker with the Quixotic zeal of Michael Talty tilt at such an unglamorous target.

Unglamorous you say? Indeed I do. I love Zinfandel, don’t get me wrong. Why this whole article is sort of a testament to my love of Zin, but glamorous it is not. I could think of several grapes more likely to elicit an emotional wave across the wine world than the workman-like, stoic Zinfandel.

Therein lies the beauty of Talty. Not only does Michael Talty embody the modern winemaking ethos, but he does it in such a down to earth way, championing one the country’s greatest vinous treasures like few others.

Talty Vineyards and Winery is Snooth’s 2011 Winery of the Year!