Wine's standing as a social stalwart continues to be a trend in today's social-media driven world, say the results of the 2014 Gallo Consumer Wine Trends Survey conducted by Libran Research & Consulting on behalf of Gallo.
The Libran survey revealed interesting facts about social media use and wine, as well as many other areas of consumer choice and habit. 
For example, younger drinkers (defined as being between the ages of 25 and 40) are quite fond of using social media to strike up conversations about wine or to learn more. According to the study, 54 percent of younger drinkers participate in conversations about wine on social media. Forty-nine percent of younger drinkers post and share photos of wine. 
The survey showed that 49 percent of younger drinkers also respect the opinions of wine bloggers.
As for specific wine choices, younger drinkers are going for sugar and for sparkling. The age group was twice as likely to buy Moscato over other varietals, and are 12 percent more likely than older drinkers to buy Moscato, the survey said.
Younger drinkers are also likely to mix wine with a myriad of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 
According to the Libran survey, approximately two out of three younger drinkers mix their wine with fruit or fruit juice. Just over half of them make wine cocktails, while just under half of them mix wine with mixers usually utilized in cocktails, the survey said.
Also, about one out of four younger wine drinkers occasionally drink wine with a cup and straw. 
Gallo also released a list of ten facts gleaned from the survey.
According to the Libran results, young wine drinkers' main reason for buying a 187 milliliter bottle of wine is for outdoor events. 
More than half of wine drinkers have purchased boxed wine, saying convenience and large social gatherings are the main reasons why the do so, the report said. 
Wine drinkers regardless of age drink sparkling wine at about the same rate for lighter meals, brunch foods and desserts.
Eight out of ten wine drinkers said a special occasion is not necessary to drink wine. Respondents said they most often drink wine while eating a meal at home with family, while relaxing indoors or while watching television.
The results of the survey also revealed that wine, for the majority of wine drinkers, is a weekend drink. About 30 percent of respondents said they have a glass of wine before dinner on weekdays, while 45 percent of respondents said they have a glass of wine before dinner on the weekend.