It's Tuesday, the night before my blog is to be posted. And although there is always scintillating things to talk about regarding the wine world, I have to share some thoughts about wine writing.  T.S. Eliot wrote while reviewing a playwright and his work, “immature poets imitate, mature poets steal.”  So, I steal a few words from some writers I have read these past two weeks since my last post.

First, I was reading Eric Asimov's blog, The Pour, regarding his attendance and participation in a wine writers conference in Napa Valley last week.  I was shocked with a snippet that Eric related from a writing coach who said; [in today's media environment] you need to ‘chunkify.'   After re-reading the post and being a self-confessed internet illiterate when it comes to the Twitter nation, I made a negative assumption of what that means.  (I still don't know what it means.)  But then, in my comments, and even today, I still feel that wine writing needs to be one part savage, two parts verve.  So, I quoted, in my comment, the advice from the late, great Auberon Waugh,