The Best Wine Grapes for Thanksgiving


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The Best Wine Grapes for Thanksgiving Wine grapes are deperately vying for your attention. There are over ten thousand varietals out there - that's fierce competition. It takes about two and a half pounds of grapes to make a 750 mL bottle of wine. If you split a bottle with someone, you've just consumed a pound of grapes. It's no wonder we get to know these varieties so intimately.

There's a lot of consumption around this time of year, and you've got tons of choices to make. Allow the mainstay wine grapes to help quiet the holiday din. These grapes tend to please everyone - from your wine expert cousin to your sister's boyfriend. You know, the guy who jokingly calls it Cabaret Franc. 

You may hear the term 'international varieties' bandied about in the wine world. The term is not official, but generally refers to grapes that have found success far beyond their ancestral homes. These are the consensus grapes. Most of us can agree that they are drinkable and delicious. Holidays are rife with disagreements, but they need not extend to the wine in your glass. 

Here are a few consensus grapes to keep the peace at your holiday table.

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