In last week's email, I began to tell a story of sorts. I had originally intended to write a brief email outlining my best bets for making a stay in the Langhe as enjoyable as possible. As I started to think of the accommodations and meals that needed to be included in my recommendations, it quickly became apparent that I would need to break the email up into more digestible pieces.

As it turns out I was unable to cram even the most abridged list of wineries worth visiting into a single email, so I will present these wineries in two parts. Today’s list covers wineries in the north of the Langhe, give or take. Some may argue with this list.  I do not mean this to be definitive; it is simply a list of great winery visits. I can easily add half a dozen producers to this list who produce spectacular wine, yet will not offer the casual visitor a particularly special visit. The following wineries will make your visit an experience with an unforgettable vista, or the most incredible winery facility, a historical viewpoint, or simply by being an integral part of the history of region

Driving in Piemonte

A car is a necessity for getting around the Langhe. Even getting to the Langhe can be a challenge without a car but it can be done. It's a good idea to rent a car before arriving in the region, though there are rental cars available in Alba and Asti. Alba has one small Sixt rental agency in town and the others are a fair bit outside of town. Driving in Italy is challenging but with a good map and some planning you should have no problems in Piemonte.