Let's give credit where it's due: few things are lovelier than a glass of Champagne with flawless quiche or fresh, warm waffles. But once you've mastered that partnership, why not play the field? It's time to check out what the rest of the globe can offer your Sunday morning meals.

There's a fantastic array of bottles that pair perfectly with breakfast foods; nearly every region of the world produces a wine with the effervescence and sprightly acidity to cut through -- and bring out the best of -- richly-flavored brunch standards. Some are so good for early-day drinking it's worth designing a menu in their honor!

From a crisp Spanish sparkler to the ruby fizz of a just-sweet-enough Lambrusco, let this round-up introduce you to five new brunch favorites.

Let's Talk Brunch Cocktails

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1.) Sparkling Chenin Blanc

Fresh and delicate, this palate-cleanser from the Loire Valley is a great choice for a polished party (and an elegant way to start breakfast in bed!). It has a crisp minerality and generous notes of fleshy pear and citrus, making it an excellent match for a morning menu.

2.) Cava

At just under $10, this creamy Spanish sparkler offers incredible bubbles for the buck, and a delightfully complex set of flavors: There are rich red apple and floral notes, layered just above a distant, spicy hint of citrus. Try it with smoked salmon, and you may never pour a mimosa again.

3.) Sparkling Shiraz

Sparkling what? That's right, Australia's version of Syrah also comes with frothy bubbles. Gorgeous in the glass and laced with dark strawberry notes, this is a refreshing, patio-friendly red that won't knock you over with sweetness.

4.) Lambrusco

We've sung the praises of Lambrusco before, and trust us, it's perfect for first-thing drinking. Delightfully fizzy and sweet -- with bright cherry and blackberry undertones -- Lambrusco is great for guests unaccustomed (or unfriendly) to drier wines. Add prosciutto to an Italian-themed brunch spread and you've got a match made in heaven.

5.) White Rioja -- for White Sangria!

Mixing up the perfect White Sangria takes a bit more time than just opening a bottle, but when you settle in with a refreshing, tropical glass of your cocktail with a plate of Huevos Rancheros, you'll be glad you went the distance. Our favorite White Sangria recipe starts with a fruit-forward, dry Rioja. Since it has to macerate (sit with the fruit) overnight, why not open a few bottles the night before and make it with the leftovers?

White Sangria

For each bottle of Rioja prepare:

1 medium orange, washed, halved and thinly sliced
1 medium peach or even better nectarine, washed, pitted and diced.
1 mango, peeled, seeded and diced
2 kiwis, peeled and sliced

Combine the wine and fruit in a non-reactive container and blend well. Put the Sangria in the fridge and allow to macerate overnight. Taste the sangria and add sugar to the desired level of sweetness.

Want to know more? Check out Snooth's Guide to Sparkling Wines and our round-up of Loire Valley white wines.

Two Fun Champagne Alternatives

The Black Chook Sparkling Shiraz
Gorgeous in the glass and laced with dark strawberry notes, this is a refreshing, patio-friendly red that won't knock you over with sweetness.

2008 Marques de Caceres White Rioja
This dry, white Rioja is filled with juciy citrus and apple flavors, making it the perfect wine for a pitcher of Sangria.