• The Daily Rant 11/14

    Ever wonder what goes through the head of a New Yorker who get to taste wine all day? No? Neither have I but it's still amusing to watch.

  • Cheap Pinot Noir Wines

    And so we begin. We kick off this round of our Global Tasting Initiative by focusing first on value Pinot Noirs, which might sound like an oxymoron. Since we...

  • Rioja Gran Reserva Top Picks

    2001 Rioja Gran Reservas are in the marketplace today and they deserve your attention. These great wines, a product of a difficult growing season that saw...

  • 1970 Rioja

    With so much new release Rioja tasted recently, and my ever increasing exhortations to buy these wines based on the fact that they represent great value, I...

  • Rioja's Holiday Rescue

    Can you think about the holidays or is your mind blinded by the thoughts of iPads, red wine and Monolo Blahniks? Say what? Keep reading and this holiday...

  • Cupcake Vineyards Bridal Headquarters

    Destination Wedding Planner and Cupcake Bridal Expert Alison Hotchkiss Offers Creative Party Planning Tips for Memorable Bridal Celebrations Big and Small....

  • Bodegas Roda Wine

    The wine world is usually going through one form of a conniption fit or another over the very real yet wonderfully vague differences that separate so-called...

  • Top Rioja Reserva Wines

    People tend to assign a lot of weight to words. We use them every day and we take care in crafting our messages in a way so that they will be clearly...

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