New Year’s Resolutions: Wines We Should All Be Sipping in 2015


Too many good wines and too little time? Let’s resolve to drink more great wine in 2015! Here’s my wish list of wines I adore yet don’t drink often enough.  
Chablis: I love the licking-an-oyster-shell-flavor and sensation of Chablis. There’s an extreme purity to these Chardonnays – most of the time – and the best-ofs (Grand Crus) are by far Burgundy’s best value wines. Suggestion: Gilbert Picq 2013 Chablis
New Zealand Pinot Noir: Pinot Noir is my favorite black grape. And, I love Kiwi Pinot Noir, so this is a bit of a red herring. I drink plenty. The thing is, on the East Coast, we don’t get all the cool cuvées seen on the West Coast. It’s my jealousy speaking. Sigh. I just want to drink more of these. Suggestion (East Coast Available!): Lagoon Hill Pinot Noir Martinborough
Turkish Wines: I discovered Turkish wines opening a restaurant in Istanbul with Jean-Georges Vongerichten in 2008. I’ve been enamored with them since, especially the indigenous varieties. They have a great acidity and tannin balance, whether white or red, and work best at the table. Suggestion: Vinkara Narince
Texas Wines: I am a New Yorker, but I grew up in Texas. Today, I go back to Texas for mom and dad, beef barbecue, craft brews, the Two-Step and Texas-born Rhône-style whites and Tempranillo reds. Suggestions: McPherson Roussanne Reserve, Pedernales Tempranillo Reserve
Portugal, Vinho Verde: Vinho Verde comes in all sorts – from the non-vintage, non-aspirational to the mono-varietal, soul-soaring styles. Generally, it’s more for the summer months or oysters in winter, but the more sophisticated styles are an absolute must at serious wine tables. Suggestion: Palácio da Brejoeria Alvariñho
South Africa, Swartland: South Africa is blossoming, and blends are at the forefront. The Cape Revolution sizzles! The key is to follow the best winemakers – whatever the year, whatever the wine. There’s magic in many a Cape bottle, whether a blend or a mono-varietal, and these latter hold their own well. Suggestion: Sadie Family Tinta Barocca Wyne Treinspoor
California Zinfandel: Not long ago, this was an over-hyped variety. However, no one would come out against it, yet few stood up for it. This wasn’t a case of Sideways-movie-crushing-Merlot. Remember that top Zins are pale and elegant, just like Pinot Noir, that come from neighboring plots. Suggestion: Ousterhout Zinfandel Bradford Mountain Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley
What are your New Year’s Resolution Wines? Let us know in the comments section below.

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