The Veneto
Of all the regions of Italy I would expect the Veneto to see the most seasonal business from consumers in the USA. The wines, mostly the Amarone, are expensive and associated with cold weather drinking. Benefitting from several months of air drying before being fermented, the fruit from these vines yield concentrated wines. We have some deep seated need to associate these wines with other wines made from dried grapes, most of which are dessert wines, and think that Amarone must be this incredibly dense, rich and strong wine but, both modern and classic versions are evidence to the contrary. Amarone is a rich wine, and powerful, but on par with many a Zinfandel or a Shiraz, and as such can and should be enjoyed year round, though they do make great gifts!
Speri is one of the more traditional producers of Amarone. Their wines are powerful, and rich with spicy flavors but they are also endowed with enough fruit to drink rather well when young. A dry Amarone, some are noticeably sweeter, and a structured one at that. Speri’s wines age quite well and to my mind represent a happy medium between the rustc and the modern styles of Amarone.
To a degree Tedeschi’s wines are similarly styled, approachable when young but better when aged, though they are more fruit driven and lack some of the rustic appeal of Speri’s Amarone. A powerful example of Amarone, smooth, polished and deep with dark berry and cherry fruit, it’s a great introduction to the style for people more used to modern wines. 
And then there is Bertani. These are wines for the cellar. never about fruit per se, Bertani’s Amarone is about nuance and elegance, only apparent when mature. These are wines that speak with perfume, and persistence on the palate. they seem to be small scaled when compared to many of the wines produced as Amarone today, and while they do need some 15 years in the cellar to fully blossom, once they hit that peak of maturity they reveal wonderful aromatic complexity full of red fruits, dried citrus peels, nutty nuances and hints of dried flowers.