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Traveling in the wine business can be hard work. No, really. You spend more time in a car and in cellars than you do outdoors, and in some places being outdoors is no treat. Italy, fortunately, is not one of those places. It seems this country is full of magical moments when sun, shadow, land and sky converge to produce breathtaking results.

I've compiled a few of my favorite views which, incidently, align well with some of my favorite wines. Italy really is a special place, and I'll never tire of visiting those lovely cantine and their awesome views.

Pergole in Trentino

It's too early in the season for the canopies of these grape pergolas in Trentino to really give you an idea of what it's like when they are capped with a full compliment of leaves, but you get a glimpse of the verdant, steep mountains that rise abruptly from the valley floor in the background.  Just a hint of the beauty that surrounds these vineyards.

Piana Rotaliana in Trentino

Here you can see how the valley floor is cradled by the stepp rock faces that surround Trentino's Piana Rotaliana: home to the indignous Teroldego grape. The grapes vines are trained on Pergolas here to allow the winds access to the vines. The daily breeze, know as the Ora winds, helps to keep the vines cool and carries moisture away as it heads north.

Piedmonte - La Morra to Castiglione

This view is from the hillside of la Morra looking east toward Castiglione Falletto, that small town and castle on the hill top right of center.

These are the famous Barolo vineyards Montanello, Bricco Boschis, and Monprivato )as one looks from left to right).

Piedmont - Serralunga

Taken from just beneath the village of Serralunga (looking up to the north-east) this shot captures the lush beauty of the Piedmontese country side perfectly.

Hehind me is the vineyard of Colina Rionda, one of Barolo's most famous. The wines may be spectacular,  but it doesn't hold a candle to this view.

Piedmont- Castiglione Falletto

Night falls and the view is breath-taking. Here I am looking east/north-east from the back of the reknowned Vietti winery. In the immediate foreground are some of the prized vineyards of Castiglione Falletto with their light hued soils.

Piedmont- Barolo Castle

Night is creeping up on the Castle of Barolo as it looks over the quaint town with which it shares a name. This village, like all the villages in this region, is surrounded by famous vineyards that produce the aclaimed wine of Barolo. This just happens to be the only town actually called barolo.

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    I absolutely agree with you traveling in the wine business is hard work, however worthy. Must of the time when I read an article about wines and their regions in Italy, it seems that the same regions are mentionned must of the time, when there is some wonderfull wine in other regions such as in Lombardia, Abruzzo, Campania and Calabria, just to mention a few. I know that region such as Calabria are not always easy access, but when you are a wine lover "there's no mountain too high no river too wide".

    All the best,

    Salvatore Aceto

    Dec 01, 2010 at 12:12 PM

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