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Last week, I led off our blog round-up with a mention of Ron Washam’s sadly moribund HoseMaster of Wine. Well, Ron contacted me to report that he had just published his latest piece on Samantha Dugan’s fine Samantha Sans Dosage blog.

Ron’s "HoseMaster’s Gift Giving Guide for 2010" is a classic must-read! I can’t wait to play “BioDynamics: The Home Game.” “Among the most interesting aspects of its play is how it adapts the tenets of BioDynamic agriculture to home use. For example, instead of burying cow horns filled with silica in the ground, players are directed to fill empty toilet paper rolls with popcorn kernels, hide them in the fireplace, wait six months, and then watch a Werner Herzog movie and eat what’s left of the popcorn.”

And it gets better -- both the Christmas gift list and Samantha’s blog. Sans Dosage is an old-school blog. So much more than just a list of tasting notes -- though we like lines like “painfully sexy wine that stains the palate and goes on forever.” It is wine as life, and a life of funny and amusing stories at that. A great read for a lazy day or when you just need a smile. It’s highly recommended.
Visit Samantha Sans Dosage to read more.
Barry’s Wine Notes and Memories
If you enjoy this sort of storytelling, may I also suggest the very aptly named Barry’s Wine Notes and Memories. While the wines are very German- and Austrian-focused -- Barry is in Germany, after all -- his yarns are wonderfully spun.
Visit Barry’s Wine Notes and Memories to read more.

The Wine Rambler
Speaking of German wines, the blogging friends at Wine Rambler have just posted an in-depth look at six German wineries that impressed them at a past tasting. This go-round focuses on some surprising wines, German reds, and is well worth the read.
Visit The Wine Rambler to read more.

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  • ...and then there's us. Still punishing our system with injudicious choices of wine, still punishing our readers with tales of our inappropriate judgments. Perhaps we only appeal to a British sensibility? Only one way to find out - we're at http://www.sedimentblog.com.

    Dec 20, 2010 at 4:40 AM

  • Snooth User: anon1234
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    Thanks for the link to SansDosage. Engaging reading, I felt as though I walked with her through the village of Ribeauville...


    Fantastically written.

    Dec 20, 2010 at 5:25 PM

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