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Coravin sticks its nose in it

In case you haven't heard, Coravin is a new wine dispensing/preservation system that seems poised to make a huge impact in the way wine is consumed in this country, at least fine wine.  By penetrating the cork in the bottle with a fine needle, Coravin is able to displace as much of the wine as you'd like to try by introducing inert gas in the bottle to take the liquid's place. You can read more about it in an article written by our own Eric Guido here.

Supposedly the cork is able to essentially reseal itself and offer years of cellerability post Coravin use. Whether or not that is true, the wine certainly remains fresh for days if not weeks, allowing a wine lover to enjoy a bottle over that period of time without fear of the wine spoiling, though where I see the real value here is for restaurant's by the glass program where expensive wines can now be dispensed and preserved over the course of the days or weeks it may take to sell a luxury wine by the glass. I can see some novelty value here, but for the most part I'm still going to be opening a bottle and drinking it over the course of a day or three. It's a system that's worked well for me up to this point so I personally see no reason to change, but I know many that will.

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