Wine 2013: the year so far

Developments in wine that are bound to affect you.


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Consumers get a voice

The American Wine Consumer Coalition was born this year and it's about time. For too long the laws governing wine sales in the USA have been written for, and often by, those who profit the most from wine sales. These laws are not about keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors, or protecting your local mom and pop stores. No, they are almost exclusively designed to keep the money in the hands of the big boys, and make it as difficult and expensive as possible to challenge them. That limits the selection of wines available to consumers and often keeps the prices artificially inflated.

The AWCC is hoping to change that but they will need money to battle the vested interests of the status quo. I urge you all to take a look at their site and consider if their goals might be worth a contribution. In short the AWCC promotes laws that encourage the unfettered interstate shipment of wine from wineries, retailers, auction houses and wine clubs and fights for common sense laws supporting BYOB and corkage regulations. Check them out at Wineconsumers.Org

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