Well, it certainly has taken a long time to get here. But after reviewing important topics such as the correct wine serving temperature, the best glassware to use, and whether to decant or not -- it’s time to start drinking!

I believe wine captivates the mind so much because it's such a sensual drink. It offers up luxurious colors of the rainbow from ruby to gold, and all manner of shades in between. The aromas knit together glorious remembrances from our youth with all the details of our accumulated experiences. And the taste, well -- it's like a trip down a magical river. Each moment offers something new, and as a bottle is emptied it leads us on a wonderful journey.

So, how does one get the most out of each glass of wine? Well, it’s really quite simple, so grab a glass and follow along with this Snooth Wine 101 video as we taste like a pro!

About the Author

Gregory Dal Piaz is a proponent and admirer of a broad range of wines and styles. During his decades of collecting and tasting he has discovered that a wine need not cost a fortune to drink well. Feel free to ask him questions at the Snooth Forums where he regularly engages with beginners and experts alike.