You see, what we are at our cores are entertainers. Wine just happens to be incidental to our purpose, and a fantastic excuse to come together. There are some of us who entertain on a very technical level, and others who entertain on a much more fundamental and human level. There is room for us all. One of the great fallacies of wine blogging, and one that appears to be much more prevalent in the U.S. than in Europe, is that this is somehow a zero sum game.

Now if we were writers about wine, this could very much be true. There is not much need for endlessly duplicative content on the acidity of a wines, its fermentation temperature, or its upbringing. But remember, we’re not writing about wine, we’re writing about our likes and dislikes, prides ands prejudices, experiences and dreams. That is why there is the potential for all of us to succeed.

But success will not and cannot be an easy thing. It’s going to be a challenge. A challenge to convince an audience to take notice, a challenge to convince them to return, a challenge to get them to stick with us when we stumble, and a challenge to get them to take the course we will follow through wine. The easiest and best way to meet all of those challenges is for us all to cooperate!

And herein lies the beauty of my thoughts. Because we are all slinging our own BS, writing not about wine but about ourselves, there is great opportunity for us all to work together. Now, I know that is unrealistic. Very few of you are going to both agree with me and feel comfortable pushing your produce out into the ether on someone else’s interface. But some will, hopefully.

One of the themes of the European Wine Bloggers Conference this year was “The Story Not Told.” We batted around several ideas for that story, but I came to the conclusion that we had set on settling a generalist question that requires an individual’s answer. The story that you have not told is fundamentally going to be different than the story that I have not told. But there is a story that is bigger than each of us, big enough in fact to fit the criteria at hand, and that is the story of the collective you.

So, I am going to embark on a project to learn more about you, about blogging, about the differences between individuals, between regions, between ages. It’s a broad and fascinating subject and I have you all to thank for turning me on to it.

So let’s get started. Who will participate? Who wants to be interviewed and contribute something typical and representative of their work? I would love to assemble a definitive who’s who of writers, bloggers and bullshit slingers. In which case, I suspect it would be best to begin with myself. Without further ado, allow me introduce myself!

See Greg interview himself here!