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Last week we asked our professional friends to fill us in on what wines were really ringing their bells over the past month. Today we focus in on the wines we’ll all be reaching for shortly. Whites for Spring. I know that the first white you’ve probably reached for this Spring was probably something you were already familiar with. That is to be expected, but I also know that it won’t take long for you to stretch your vinous legs and start once again down the path of discovery; that’s where the pros come in.

Wine professionals taste a ton of wine, and retailers in particular have to stand behind what they recommend. Not only do they have a reputation to protect, they also have to make some money so you know that if they’re going to get up on a soapbox to promote a wine, they’re are pretty sure that many of their customers are going to be happy with that wine. All too frequently we seem to have an adversarial relationship with our wine retailers, assuming that their capitalistic instincts have subsumed their ability to discern what s great in wine. Nothing can be further from the truth, and in fact the reverse is probably more closely to reality. When one’s livelihood is on the line one tends to be doubly sure that the wines you are selling overdeliver. let’s check out this set of recommendations and see what we think!

Pour Sip Savor

I love that so much care goes into this wine, starting from its inception to the final product, and it shows in the quality and value of the wine.  Estate vineyard designation, made from their proprietary Soliloquy clone and the unique Musque clone, hand harvested and whole fruit clusters pressed, along with aged and fermented in a variety of vessels to get the ultimate finished product!
This wine shows layers of bright, exotic pear and orange citrus fruit; the moderate amount of acidity makes it easy enough to drink on its own (even if it is not a hot summer day yet) and a perfect pairing for variety of foods.  A top pick for getting us back into the summer drinking mode.
Jenny Benzie
Head Sommelier + CEO
benzie@poursipsavor.com | 561.779.7687 (POUR)

Plume Ridge Bottle Shop

This is a great wine to convert your Chinese Family into drinking some “white” wine. After harvesting fresh chives from the garden this Spring, we made dumplings by the dozen. This lovely Gewurztraminer from Handley Cellars is the perfect pairing. The aroma of flower, pineapple and lychee fruit is accompanied by flavors of lemon and lemon curd and balanced acidity. Surprisingly dry but fruit forward with a round body, the Gewürztraminer left everyone wanting for more.
Monica Yu Wine Buyer
1485 Andrew Dr, Claremont, CA 91711


“Hailed as one of the Okanagan's best white blends, Chorus was created to express the best traits of Stoneboat vineyards' original 30 year-old white varietals. Difficult, if not impossible, to replicate in BC, this blend sets the intense aromatics of our old-vines Germanics against a tropical, mineral backdrop of Pinot Blanc.”   Great on its own or with shellfish, halibut or fragrant, light Thai curries.
Allison Phillips F.W.S.
Co-owner Aligra Wine & Spirits, West Edmonton Mall, Alberta

The Wine Bottega

Any and all Austrian Riesling! It's zippy sheer acidity and quenching citrus juiciness make my mouth water just thinking about it.  I currently have a bottle of the 2012 Gobelsburger Riesling Kamptal in my fridge awaiting my return home. 
(Schlosskellerei Gobelsburg - Terry Thiese Selections $20/btl)
Kerri Platt

Lynda Carlin

Picpoul de Pinet or Vernaccia, both deliver that "wet pebble" coolness with stone fruit to enhance any seafood or veggie dish.
Whole Foods Market, Wine Buyer

Sec Wines

This Blanc de Noirs is 100% Pinot Noir from up and coming Champagne star Frédéric Savart.  Rich, round and full-bodied, Savart's L'Ouverture drinks more like Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame at $125+.   
Eric Pottmeyer
Portland, OR

Vin Boutique

Domaine Gouffier’s Bourgogne Aligote is a great Spring sip. Excellent with seafood through Ham it’s a great wine for Easter fare and a lovely sipping wine for the warmer days. Citrus and minerality combine to make a great balanced wine from this other Burgundy white grape. Easy with hot dogs and sausages for game day and elegant enough to pair with your Easter Ham and delightfully refreshing as a sip, a true Kir (dash of Cassis topped with Aligoté or in white Sangria. Everyone loves this wine, even people who don’t like wine. Doorstep delivery by half case $25/bottle, $150/case, delivery free in the greater Denver metro area.
Danielle Cross. Level 3 Sommelier

Gowanus Wine Merchants

What is your favorite white wine for spring?
For Spring I love the bright, expressive, floral wines of Italy such as Falanghina from the South, and Lugana from the North. Chenin Blancs from the Loire Valley in France are also great choices, especially from Vouvray, whether they be still, sparkling, sweet, or bone-dry. Of course if there's a bottle of rose nearby it might get my vote as the perfect bottle to bid the winter a long-awaited farewell.
Rick Lopez
493 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA
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  • Great recommendations! I am particularly a fan of the Picpoul, which is finally starting to trickle its way into this country! I would add Vinho Verde, the perfect patio wine--great acidity to spark the appetite, a bit of sparkle to tickle the tonsils, and low alcohol to not weigh you down on a hot day. Cheers! thedrunkencyclist.com

    May 05, 2014 at 1:59 PM

  • Snooth User: Gregory Dal Piaz
    Hand of Snooth Voice of Snooth
    89065 238,749

    Thanks very much!
    Picpoul is phenomenal, assembling examples for a tasting right now in fact. As far as Vinho Verde goes, gotta save something for summer!

    May 05, 2014 at 2:11 PM

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