There’s so much talk about the American palate, the European palate, the New World palate or the Old World palate; and yet, no one has really been able to help define what these generalizations mean. I’m going to try (and of course reach a conclusion that many of you will find distinctly unsatisfying, but such is the life of a palate profiler).

As with any broad stroke generalizations, these concepts of regional palates for wine tend to fall on their face as a person’s palate preference tends to be a moving target. And in many – if not most – cases, this includes various styles of wine for various seasons and occasions.

So where’s the kernel of truth to this myth? There certainly are some palate profiles that, while broad and general, seem to work as catchalls for many groups of people. These often are at the end of an individual’s exploration of wine, though by no means at the end of exploration, since every group has an almost unlimited amount of new, interesting and old wines to discover! So, what kind of palate do you have? Is the hipster palate of the New World really where you're at?

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