This week we are bringing you three elements of the Story of Wine. The history, as told by Greg Tatar, focuses on what's new again: Amphorae. These icon clay vessels were intimately involved in the growth of wine as an industry, as well as a readily available beverage. You can find Part One of Greg's History of Wine, which focused on the origins of wine, here. Find Part II Wine Storage - The Early Days here.

Our articles on Chianti and a great Canadian Winemaker, Andrzej Lipinski, simply help to frame the continuum that is the Story of Wine. With records tracing the origins of Chianti to the 13th Century, it's safe to say that this scenic, and wonderful, region of Italy is one of the oldest players in the world of wine.

Andrzej on the other hand, is a key player in the emerging story that is the Canadian wine revolution. Having established himself as an accomplished winemaker, after moving to Canada in 1989, Andrzej is now making history, and adding another chapter to a future History of Wine! Read all about both, on Snooth.

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