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Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit

August 31 - September 2

September 7 -8

New York City, NY

So where might you actually find me this summer, well how about at the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit. I came here when I was younger with my brother and my father and while we missed it's heyday when Pollock and de Kooning were hawking their wares, it was still then and remains today a pretty funky way to spend a day. You never know what, or who you might find, and that of course is part of the grand appeal. For example I have photos of me in bell bottoms attending the event one year.   There are actual artists, struggling artists, and artist wanna bes all mashed together fighting for their piece of the pie.

What wine you should be drinking depends on whether you've made it, are on you way, or are a poseur. In any event the wine would not be too pricy, nor too complicated, it's only a means to an end man, a way to get the creative juices flowing so lets not obsess over it. Make it simple, and make it good, and make it easy to understand. So let's make it something from the Loire valley, Muscadet for the white and a nice little Chinon for the red. Perfect, with a little perspective.

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