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August 10 & August 24, 2013

Providence, Rhode Island

OK, so this is like literally hot. Bonfires throughout Providence Rhode Island, and they're there on purpose, and mostly not set, as far as I know, by out of control Frat boys. This sounds awfully cool, and when you factor in the food, music and support of the arts that are all part of this pedestrian art exhibit it kind of clicks. I might be attracted to this because I love fire and flickering light on old city buildings, not in a pyro kind of way though.

Fortunately this event lasts almost to Thanksgiving so there's plenty of time to see it but I've included it here today because the following events might be drawing some of you to the area. If you do make it to WaterFire soon, keep in mind that popping a bottle of your favorite wine may be frowned upon, by men with badges, throughout much of Providence but if I had my druthers I'd be cracking a great bottle of volcanic white wine with WaterFire, and by that I mean really, really good Soave! It's crisp, refreshing, fascinating and affordable, just like Providence, right?

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