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Panos Kakaviatos may be a familiar name due to his participation in the Snooth forums, but to those of you not familiar with his work, he is fast becoming one of the new breed of trusted knowledgeable writers specializing in the wines of Bordeaux.

The en primeur, or futures campaign, that Bordeaux is famous for creates a quandary for buyers interested in the classed growths. The wines are offered for sale two years before they are bottled and shipped, and in the intervening years as the wines develop and continue to reveal their true character, the wine community generally finds consensus in regards to the "best" wines of the vintage.

Those wines almost always see a significant jump in price from their first futures offering to the retail price on arrival. Buying early not only ensures you get the wines you want and also custom bottled in the sizes you prefer, but it can also save you money.

The big problem? Knowing what to buy. Tasting young wine is hard and getting a handle on where the wines are headed takes years of experience. That's where an avid taster and professional writer like Panos comes in. Check out his tasting notes, thoughts on the future campaign and comments on pricing on his blog: Connections to Wine.
Visit Connections to Wine, a wine blog to bookmark!
Wine of the Week - 2009 Regaleali Bianco

Sometimes one just wants a simple, refreshing white wine that combines balanced fresh fruit tones with some mineral notes that liven up the palate and help parry complex food’s flavors.

While a Grand Cru white Burgundy might warrant most of its inflated price tag, there are far more occasions when I want to spend less, not more. White wines for summer tend to fall into that category. Read the full review here

Blind tasting notes for 10 great wines: Nero d'Avola Roundup

Nero d’Avola has been Sicily’s gateway grape for that past several years. Truth is, winemakers are planting Nero d’Avola willy-nilly to try and get in on the bonanza. However not all Nero d’Avola is created equal. The traditional home to Nero d’Avola, or Calabrese as it is also known, has been the provinces of Trapani and Palermo. Check out all the wines

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