Paul Gregutt's Top 10 Wines of the Month
With the Oregon wine kick I've been on lately I've been checking out what the locals have to say about their wines. I can always afford to learn more about these fine wines, particularly those from Washington State, which seem to be made in modest quantities and disappear from the retail marketplace seemingly overnight. So, what's a wine lover to do? Get the inside scoop.

Paul Gregutt reviews wines for Wine Enthusiast, but he also maintains his own blog, Unfined & Unfiltered. It's filled with great, informative articles, and there is also a top 10 wines of the month feature. Now we're a little late to the party for February's list, but these 10 wines are featured in Paul's blog before his scores and reviews hit the Enthusiast. This is the kind of information we scour the web for -- and here it is!
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