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It’s been a busy week here at Snooth, so we haven’t had a ton of time to go looking around the blogosphere, though that only means we have a single recommendation today.

I’m planning a return visit to Oregon soon and have been looking at all the resources available. I keep coming back to OregonWine.com.

There's simply a solid list of great content here; content I would love to see on Snooth! News, wineries, food -- all the things that make a trip to wine country special, and worth researching, are here. So, if you’re planning a trip to Oregon, check out Oregonwine.com, and if not, check it out anyway and you might have to start making some plans!

Visit OregonWine.com to read more.

Wine of the Week: 1/14/11

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tm Perr this week to taste through some of the Pali Wine Co.’s latest releases. Chatting with Tim, we lit upon the current state of affairs for the wine industry. Faced with decidedly hard times, it’s been difficult for Pali to move forward, but move forward they are, and the reason is simple.

As far back as 2005 Tim realized that the market had become flooded with $50 Pinot Noirs. The obvious answer was to try and produce a wine that would marry broad appeal with a popular price point: a hell of an ambitious project circa 2006. Fast-forward to today’s market. There is far more Pinot planted today and the demand is, well, shall we say, depressed. This has allowed Tim to expand Pali’s appellation-specific cuvee wines -- a tier, as Tim calls the series -- that was created to make the top Pali wines better (by giving the lesser barrels for those bottlings a home).

This series, with playful names garnered from neighborhoods in pacific PALIsades (get it?), is composed of wines that express their distinctive appellations while not trying to force the consumer to pick apart the terroir of an individual vineyard. Well, I’m on record as saying there are far too many single vineyard Pinots out there anyway, so this seems like a fine project to me.

I was able to taste the three 2009 Pinots from the series and while they each performed well, and all cost the same at $19, my vote for Wine of the Week goes to...

Click here to find out and view the Wine of the Week slideshow.

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    Thanks! We're planning to visit Oregon in the near future. That website will come in very handy!

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