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So over the past few weeks, I’ve put together some ideas for what to drink next. Just to repeat, these are only suggestions. You might be shocked to hear that I frequently get asked, “What should I drink?” It’s a tough question and there is no stock answer. In fact, the only way to answer it by asking additional questions. What do you like? Why do you like it?

While I can’t sit down with each and every one of you to ask and answer these questions, I can give a rule of thumb guide that should help guide you through many of the world’s most popular wines. The truth is that most people don’t care why they like a wine, they just like it and that’s enough knowledge, thank you very much!
I’m the same way with movies for example, or music. Yes there are many sources of super geek information on cinematography and music, with all the facts duly teased and parsed in stupefying detail. Oh, wait a minute, does that sound like the wine world to you?!

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If you answered yes, then this series of articles might be right up your alley. Instead of exploring terroir and winemaking details, with some viticultural observations thrown in just to prove my depth of knowledge, I offer you a simple way to choose your next wine. The point here is not to teach you that much about wines, just offer suggestions as to what wines you might enjoy based on some wines you have enjoyed.
You see, that’s the way I view my job, well at least this part of it. There are many wine writers out there who tell you what wines are good and what wines are bad; others who instruct you, frequently deciding what wines are good and what wines are bad along the way; and others still who manage to teach while not proselytizing. I think I am all three of these types, plus one. The real goal of what I do is not to tell you what is good or bad, or even to educate you (though I love trying) but rather to help you increase your chances of finding a wine that you will enjoy.

Let me repeat that because in finest Italian fashion (the Italians LOVE repeating themselves to make a point), it is worth repeating. The main goal of my work is to help you increase your chances of finding a wine you will enjoy.

I am not trying to change the world by telling you that what you enjoy is bad, somehow less worthy of appreciation by virtue of its origin, process or vintage. Who gives a crap? That’s talk reserved for the wine geek community who seem to relish iconoclastic, ideologically-driven arguments that no one ever wins because everyone is thoroughly convinced by the righteousness of their arguments!

While that is true, change does in fact come even to the wine geek community, and perhaps the battles that rage help move the goalposts now and then, but true change comes slowly and in singular fashion. It is only by tasting wines and drinking wines that even the most stubbornly held opinions can be changed.

Now I’m not suggesting that I’m out to change these opinions; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. I am out to create opinions, but I do so comfortable in the knowledge that even the most stubborn and opinionated wine snobs have occasionally change their opinion about a wine after tasting it!

So in truth, that’s what this is all about, tasting wine and what you should taste next. Once you’ve moved beyond your gateway wine, whether that was Boone’s Farm, White Zin, or Beaujolais, if you want to know what to taste next you’ll have to do some experimenting. Now that sounds a lot more fun than talking and reading about wine, doesn’t it! And by the way, if you end up not finding anything better than that Boone’s Farm, White Zin or Beaujolais, then bully for you! After all, that’s what it’s all about, finding what you like to drink.

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